I reflect on 2020 and the challenges we have collectively experienced globally during ...

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... this pandemic, and we are still going through, the lessons learned, loved one's we've lost... 2020 has taught me a lot and made me focus on what matters, and with that said I would like to share with you this...

"Sounds From The Streets" is an 11-track compilation album that boasts hand-select released material from DJ Lethal Skillz productions and some of his favorite scratch appearances on some of the iconic tracks that were released since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last year in 2020 featuring 17 great artists from around the globe.

Coming to a speaker near you this Feb 11 on all major streaming platforms via Emanate Distro 🎧🎧


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Very nice! Thanks for sharing! 👍🌺😻💐🐈🐈😻

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