after almost 10 month without work and traveling we finally got a booked gig 🙏, ...

in APPICS • last year

... we will be Performing in Dubai for the new year .


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Wow! Congratulations!

Congrats guys! Really happy for you 🙌🏽😊

Thanks 🙏 we really needed this work 😅

Congratulations, those are great news! I’m happy that you can perform on stage again. Enjoy your trip ✈️

Congratulations 🎉🎉👌👌

That's awesome 😍 Happy for you guys 💚

Awesome!!! Let’s hope 2021 gets you many more

Have a great trip. And be safe, strong and healthy to both of you. You show still be on my top list that I need to see a live show even every time that i close my eyes and can't see through the end once I watched your clip.

Oh wow congratulations, So awesome for you guys to be back in Dubai safe travels !🥰👍✈

finally 🍀✨😍have a great time in Dubai

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