ASMR | Waterfront 💧 Gorge Waterway, Victoria, Canada 🇨🇦 Take a minute and enjoy ...

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... what flows around you. Separate yourself, breathe deep, calm your mind, listen without expectation, feel the rhythm of nature.

Where ever you are in the world 😘 ( @priyanarc this ones for you ) take a minute with me, or let the video loop, loose yourself in the moment...

I bring you to my most intimate spot. Just a moment from home but away from city life. High tide and flowing water bring out the birds. Fish break the waters surface ever so slightly. Busy life across the water seems to drift from focus. Body swaying with the rippling of waves.

A moment thanks to our moon allowing minds eye to play history before sight as if in comparison.

The Gorge is a protected waterway with channeled inlet, no boat in their right mind would dare oppose the current through that gateway. The upper part, where I am, is only for hand powered water activities and training grounds for the dragon boats. They use the steady and consistent current for power training with time runs, always the same resistance.... always has been the same resistance....

I begin to speak

“Can you imagine in the early 1900 this place being the epicentre of all activity?”

A deep breath and gesture to the white building across the way

“That is the School House and below the main beach and water access of the time”

another breath ...

“back then we did not know the error in our ways and have since been restoring the ecosystem”

And the thought ... if restoring the ecosystem results in less human activity is that the same as humanity being bad for the ecosystem? 🤔

That’s it, @d00k13 Out!!!

PS this is day 3 of 8 weeks back 2 back Appics video 😘

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