The Diary Game June 21st 2020 #5 : Weekend outing for the kids. They were excited ...

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... as they're going to big park for this weekend getaway. How are you steemitian spend your weekend? Check out @steemingcurators #music4steem and join @steemitblog #thediarygame for easy steem rewards. Keep steeming! Much love! ♥️


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No outings since March for us... even though now we are in the recovery phase of the Movement Control Order, but we are not bringing the kids out... my girls have been staying at home since 18 March...

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@ladyyunajay wow that harsh for you and your kids.. I don't like going out too often but staying home for that long time would make me crazy. Hope you and your girls still holding up fine. Stay strong and keep steeming! 😊

I took my mom to Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong then we took a ferry to the central pier, you can take a look to my blog if you are free, have a nice day, cheers

@atyh hi sure will definitely visit your blog soon. See you!

They are so adorable and have an amazing mommy <3

You're kind, thank you 😊@futuremind

I will be submitting my first diary game today and I hope you will see it later.

@olivia08 hi hope you doing good. You should use apps wherein here they now rewards steemian using that mobile app with steem community 1million SP. Don't scared of the Chinese language it has English too. You can still join thediarygame, look at the format of my post and follow that, don't forget to put #thediarygame tag too. 😊

Im fine, thank you for your response. I will check #wherein, I heard that they have millions delegation.

yes they have received direct 1million from steemit in exchange with appics because appics going to hardfork from steem soon.

Thank you for the information dear.

Thank you for supporting The Diary Game.

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Thank you for supporting us steemian too 😊