May I Introduce you this beautiful piece of an Watermelon Tourmaline. He arises of ...

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... a mixture of different varieties of rock layers and silicate minerals.
The gemstones are in structure more or less similar but different in the intensities of colors and the ability to shine depending on the angle of view.
Every piece is unique and so special.
Tourmaline has become his name from the "Singhalese" language. It's the national language of Sri Lanka and is translated as "Various Stone".
It has an uplifting psychological effect and the tourmaline leads the owner to more clarity and harmony in life and this is what we all are looking for in life, not?💫⭐


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So einer schöner Heilstein mit einer beachtlichen Wirkung auf Körper und Geist.✨💗Den Turmalin habe allerdings noch nicht in meiner Sammlung und denke nun nach, ob ich meine Sammlung erweitern könnte. 💝

Danke 🙏 Er Ist wirklich eine riesen Bereicherung und ich kann ihn dir nur währmstens empfehlen.

Oh wow! This clear crystal is good vibes attracting artifact too. Thanks for sharing. It's good to see your post again.

Yes everytime little diffrent sometimes there is little more red in the middle depending on the angle of view so beautiful.
Yes he attracts good vibes I have it in my room were I sleep and in commen with the agate its a good combination 🙏

Toll! Vielen Dank für die ganzen Infos. Sehr interessant ☺️

Gern. Es war mir eine Herzensangelegenheit so etwas tolles ein wenig näherzubringen 💫🙏😊

Love it too soo unique 🍃

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