#TB...BOAT SUN AND MORE ☀️✨☀️🟡🔴🟢🍀🎈✨🤩 This pic remember me to hot summer we ...

in APPICS4 years ago

... had last year. What a beautiful gathering of beautiful & crazy people on a 10 boat party with different kind of music. From Russian standards through deep House via electro, club hits to hip hop Medleys & co. Great and unforgettable moments.
I just still love it and miss it this year.
Have been on a boat party ?


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Have fun and enjoy

Thank youuuu ✨🤩🙏🏿

Wow, nice.😁

Thank you

Wow, this is really a nice happy moment picture...

Yep it’s:)! Thank you 🙏🏿

I've never been on a boat party but looking at the photo, I won't mind having one, nice photo though, smiles everywhere 🤩

Ahahah ... Yeahhh should definitely ✨🤩

so nice , happy and full of color so Good luck 🍀👏☀️


Thank you so much Charline 😊✨🙏🏿

Have fun 😍

Thank you 🙏🏿

It must be black and white tv that I'm looking at

Exactly... thank you 🙏🏿

never been on a boat party😒. looking at your post it must have been great fun 🥳!

Oh yeah ... it’s my friend... thanks for dropping by ✨🤩🙏🏿

yes i did, company party 😍 but that seems moreee a lot of fun than we had witha bit corporate theme 😁 thats cool! 👌

You should do something private with friends, that is definitely more funny 😄... thank you so much 😊

will surely do once this social distancing is over... when?!? thats the best question hehehe

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