Happy Sunday Everyone! Just in time to post this - When I thought I'd be a pastor. ...

in APPICSlast year


That could still work though🙃

Everyone come together let's hold service. 😅

TB 2014 || Old FB Pics


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I'll be your member if so

My church will not contain you sir! You're too big for it. 🤣😅😂

Lwkmd who be this guyyyyyy

Daddy G.O Sir!!!

Hehehe! The Boss. Supply us money for the ministry😅

I remember this time last year! Pst sir!

Lol. That wasn't last year though. It was 2014, after my matriculation. 😁

Talking after last year, youth week !

Ohh! I didn't take pictures of that.😔 I wish I did.

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