Evening walk I do not miss the inhuman traffic that normally occupies this aven ...

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... ue.


Caminata vespertina

No extraño el tráfico inhumano que ocupa normalmente esta avenida.


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wow..what a place!! ❤❤wonderful.. it's good for health.. good evening dear❤❤😍

so did i ,it's more fun seeing the road clean from pollution and noise of the cars

Absolutely my dear 🤗 we have to congratulate to coronavirus 🤔

The place is really beautiful and the picture is very beautiful

I enjoy my personal space!👍

That's it 🤗

Peaceful calm place....it is perfect to walk ......🤗🤗

Oh yes! In the city is more difficult but there are... 🤗

👍 Which city is it?😀

Maracaibo, Venezuela ❤️🇻🇪

Me recuerda un poco al logo de Appics 😎

😄 pensé lo mismo cuando la tomé. Vemos Appics por todos lados. 😍😘

Beautiful place ☺️

No traffic, less pollution. And these days, people tend to walk so it's making us healthy somehow.

"The system" hate it, more healthy and more mininalism

Wow so beautiful

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