📣 Referral Program | Monthly Leaderboard 🏆🥈 2nd place @asimshahzad

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2nd place for this month's referral leaderboard: @asimshahzad 🎉

Congratulations! you receive a 30.000 APX delegation for 30 days 💰
Who do you think will be at the #1 spot of the leaderboard? Stay tuned for the announcement! 🔥

In the past month, we had over 700 new signups through the referral program, and the average engagement per user per day was over 20 minutes! ⏱

📣 Who do you think are the 3 most active communities (by country) on APPICS? 🌎

Comment below 👇 and tomorrow we’ll publish the results!

How to setup your own referral link ❓

Please use this URL:

➡️ ref.appics.com/?ref=YOURUSERNAME ⬅️

and make sure to replace "YOURUSERNAME" at the end of the URL with your own APPICS username! 💥


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I have taught him so well but now i don't think he is already active. But this would definitely spark his motivation back. He asked me how can we view the rankings but then even Ambassadors have no way to see it. I just let him continue what he does gathering new members. I am so proud of you my friend.

You're absolutely welcome my friend! It's time for you to become active ok? Let's rock it! Guide those members you invited the way I did it to you. I will still be here if you need help and all the leaders here in APPICS will also do the same.

Congratulations brother!!

Thanks dear for appreciation :)

Congratulations, friend. More success!

Thank you for Kind words,,

Congratulations! 🎉💋🎉👏❣️

Congratulations it is unbelievable @asimshahzad!!!

Referrals: zero for me; still trying the App myself 🙃

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