Weeeell here we go! I just finished editing this very short video, I was struggling ...

in APPICS10 months ago

... but I made it! 😂 😂 😂 Here's the solo part of "If only for tonight" I'll be sharing the link for you to hear the complete song when it's done, my friend are also doing great on it so #GoodVibes😻


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Very nice 🎼🎵❤

Oh wow im really feeling the vibes!! Cant wait to hear the final results, its going to be awesome!!

What a talent!

Thank you 😁 🤗

Hi Anny! Love the sound of your electric guitar! Hope you compete in Music For Steem one day! Check #music4steem on Steemit! Greetings, @steemingcurators

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We hope you like live music too because #musicforsteem


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Thank for posting on Appics

eaaaa!!!! muy buena!!!! ya habia ganas de escucharte!!! we want more!!!! enhorabuena artista! que envidia (sana) me das! jejje que pases buen finde!

🙊🙈 Muchas gracias! 😁 😁 😁 😁 Sí la verdad me divertí haciendo este video, con todo y lo corto jaja que tengas un buen fin de semana tu también ♥

Cool sound 👏👏👏

Hi @annyguitar nice good vibes music. Could you please refrain using #introduceyourself tag next time you post your content? As this tag only for newcomers for us steem greeters tracking them. Thanks for your cooperation. Hope you enjoy your blogging journey on appics and steemit. Steem on!

That’s dope 👏

Welcome to appics

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