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Most of you probably know me as Josephine from the APPICS Team, but what are 3 interesting facts about me and my background ?

1️⃣ Blockchain background

I was introduced to the blockchain space 8 years ago now, and I still remember when 1 Bitcoin was around $20, and then when it rose to $100 and $1000 for the very first time! Crazy to think about that right now. ETH didn’t even exist, Litecoin was #2 and PPcoin was #3 (who remembers PPcoin? 😅)
The first thing I did in this space was actually bitcoin mining, when I helped out my friends with his miners and he introduced me to the space.
Later on I then got into trading and everything else related to blockchain, learning about the different cryptocurrencies and algorithms, and really witnessing how the whole space developed and grew before my very eyes.
I’ve seen currencies rise and crash hundreds of percent in days and sometimes even HOURS. 📉 I’ve seen the market at top peaks and at record lows, and I can’t tell how many times I’ve heard people say „the bitcoin bubble burst“, only to see the market come back stronger!
One thing is for sure: blockchain is here to stay and cryptocurrencies are the future 🔮

2️⃣ I love Language, words, reading and writing. 📝

Before I even started primary school, I started writing stories on my mom‘s typewriter at her office. I didn’t know grammar or spelling, I just had a blooming fantasy and stories in mind that I wanted to tell - so I wrote down words exactly how they are pronounced!
The next 4 years, throughout my entire primary school time, I was writing a fantasy story with over 200 pages on my moms typewriter. I split it in different chapters and even cut out images for characters from various magazines.
I’ve grown up always reading books, easily devouring an entire book in one day (especially fantasy!). 📖 When my parents went on holiday with me and my sister, we often took 1 small suitcase that was ONLY filled with all of the books we brought 📚 🧳

3️⃣ I don’t actually like „normal“ Social media 😝

I don’t like how superficial the whole space is, and how looks and nudity are often a deciding factor for popularity. 🚫
I don’t like how people try to display a perfect lifestyle on social media, not keeping it real. 🚫
I don’t like the values that social media portrays to kids and teenagers. I don’t like how it influences these young minds and distorts their view of what’s right/wrong or okay/not okay or even cool/not cool! 🚫
I don’t like how people are often hiding behind their profile, commenting hurtful or hateful things that they would never say to someone’s face. 🚫

APPICS is the only Social media Platform where I’m active (I haven’t posted on any other social media platform for years 😅) and I LOVE how APPICS is different!

I love how PASSION and TALENT is rewarded on APPICS, how amazingly positive the community is, and how EFFORT literally pays off on APPICS! 🙏🏼
And lastly, I really love how appics puts the SOCIAL aspect back into social media. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
APPICS is the only platform where people really make an effort to comment and connect with others, build new friendships, and meaningful, honest connections!

What did you learn from these 3 facts about me? Let’s get to know each other! 🤝🌎

Share 3 facts about yourself with the hashtag #my3facts and check out the other posts in this tag too! Thanks to @lonistellina for coming up with this hashtag!


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Great post, very interesting to read! :)

Thank you!

Cool 3facts.. And nice smile..😊😊🥰🥰🥰

Awesome stuff about You :) i am really enjoying this hashtag

Me too! I just read yours, thanks for sharing 🙏🏼 it’s a great way to get to know the other members of our appics family more personally!

I was introduced to Bitcoin about 5years ago when it was $600. I never thought that Bitcoin can reach to this high value. I was a user o freebitco. That was craziness really playing bet there. I don't remember how much btc i had lost there. Your first fact just reminded me the memory

We will think of these memories even more in a decade or so when bitcoin is valued above 100,000$! We were there at the very beginning!

I absolutely love this post @Agent. keep up the good work. We will be here to support you.

Thank you Randy! 🙏🏼 much appreciated!

I actually enjoy reading through this introduction :) it’s nice to know you for real.

Thank you! I really like this tag as well, so interesting to get to know everyone in our appics family!

Love this challenge, your journey & Especially the last point about social media is so true 🙏🏽 💗

Thank you 🙏🏼 I LOVE that WE are the ones revolutionizing this social media game 🚀

Wow, very cool thanks for sharing! Im the samecwaycas you when it comes to social media, I only post from APPICS and totally agree that Effort really does Pay Off! Have a great week my friend, stay safe!

Thank you, you too! APPICS gives SOCIAL media a whole new definition 😎 making it more social than ever!

Wow, Interesting. I actually feel like I know you now. I resonate with your 3rd fact. Ya awesome & i wish i had started writing as young as you did.

Yeah I’ve just always had so many creative thoughts and wanted to get them

  • get them out through words! 📝

Before I let it all out here. Watch out for my 3 facts. Haha!

Thanks for sharing 3 facts about you 😍 so gorgeous look ❤❤

Thank you, appreciate it!

😊 thanks

The point about social media is nothing but the truth,thanks for sharing a little of yourself with us,i am definitely going to look for the first book you mentioned,it caught my attention

Please do! Check out all the works from Joe Dispenza. He is brilliant. But “breaking the habit of being yourself” really changed something in my mindset! 🧠 ⚡️

Hey Josephine, I can't agree more with you about your constructive criticism on Social Media. You're not saying that all these negative effects come from it in and on itself but what the actual problems are: superficiality, envy, the masquerade...

wao! I just learn that you know more about the crypto space than I thought! very impressive. Also we have #3 in common 🤘🏽

Good idea,, Anyway Your smile is very nice.

Thank you 😃

Nice to get to know you better ✌️ what’s you favorite book or your top 3?

Ohhh that is such a hard decision! I would split it in categories 📚

  1. Self-help: Breaking the habit of being yourself - Joe Dispenza
  2. Spiritual: Eastern body, western mind - Anodea Judith
  3. Fantasy: one great year - Tamara Veitch

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself is absolutely life changing!

Really great idea 👌

It was the idea of @lonistellina 😊👍

That was interessting to read -thanks for sharing🙂

You’re welcome! This is such a cool initiative to get to know the other members of our APPICS family more!

Endlich erfährt man mal was über dich 🤪 hübsches Bild übrigens 😊👏🏽

😬 ja es wurde mal Zeit 😆 vielen Dank!

Looks beautiful


Amazing facts!!

Thank you

Wow. I actually thought as much. You are so unique and now seeing why you are.

Thank you 😊🙏🏼

Very true about the social media thing, I'm almost none existence on other social medias myself if it's not blockchain related, I'm not keen. Interesting facts about you

Thank you! Yes blockchain with social media is just better 😁

Wow! You are a book reading person and that actually comes as a surprise! i can't even imagine how you wrote 200 Pages as a kid... Amazing! And as for Appics... I'm really grateful & happy that the team building Appics is passionate about Blockchain & also truly humble! I read about Soldier too and it's amazing how I've come across such gems of people on this platform, which frankly & honestly would never have been possible on amy other social media platforms! Thanks for sharing and only wishing Appics is a success for those who truly put in the efforts...

Thank you for those kind words 🙏🏼 Yes I’ve always had a very lively fantasy and wanted to create my own stories and bring my visions to life. I absolutely love our team, they are my best friends and everyone is so passionate and dedicated, and we are literally in the process of changing this social media game! 🚀 💥

I trust you 💯 Appics will be like a community more than just a social media platform!

I like the no 3 I am also tired and sick of reading negative post about the world in other social media it is time to bring them all here to appics where great talents and creations are being rewarded.Social media must be in control but seems in other social media can do everything they want posting nuditys and suicidal videos that is really disgusting.Im very glad that Appics was born not only a posting and earning app but it is time to bring those people from other social media to introduce to them what is Appics and cryptocurrency and the advantage of learning digital currency that will lead our future into blockchain.

So true! Thanks for your feedback! I am so happy that WE are the ones creating our own alternative to the “mainstream” social media - because an alternative is much needed. Appics is the new way of freedom!

Wow all of 3 are so cool!

😊 thank you! Appreciate it!

Thanks 😇

Really good one

Beautiful 👌

Wow 🤩!! You are a really passionate of crypto. I really like your quote “ Blockchain is here to stay & CryptoCurrencies are the future”

It's nice to put a face into the name... but it is nuch nicer to hear those facts. Thanks for sharing a part of yourself to the community :)

I read this post 3 times, you know why😁. fact #2 Just inspired me. and the third one, i see, you are not active on other social media. You have account there but i don't know, what was the last time you was there😅. On facebook you upload profile about 4 yaers ago i think. Few month ago i checked your facebook profile. So maybe it was 4 yaers ago,not sure. This is really interesting, love it❤. Yes,Great facts, thanks for sharing 🙏. I alredy wrote my 3 facts about me post. i am just writing main thing there.

This is great to hear, thank you! I was a little worried if anyone was even going to read the entire post 😅 and you read it 3 times! That’s amazing! Reading is very important. It helps you not only to gain knowledge, but also to improve grammar, spelling and your own writing because you memorize the way things are spelled. And yes, the last post I made on any other social media is YEARS ago 😅 I don’t use it at all anymore

Thank you for sharing these very interesting facts. Bitcoin at 20$ ! And you look so young. Lucky you 😂

Just wow!👌

Great post! 👍💪💪💪

Wow! looking so beautiful like princes

this is really an opportunity to know you better and its fun too! great initiative

Thank you! I like the idea for this tag too! (It wasn’t mine though)

Hi Josephine, your post is so good.Yes agreed with the facts that you have written. So many people are just wasting their time using sosial media without any good purpose.Its really amazing that you are part of Appics team,which has a better alternative for sosial media now. Wish Appics will become one of leading quality plateform helping more people benefits from the FinTech and Blochain innovation. Looking forward to see more improvement once Appics fully migrated to Telos soon. Greeting from Malaysia 🇲🇾 Take care..😊

You have a beautiful smiling face 😍

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