Voice app is really weird and is a lot like steemit... in fact dan lqrimwr admitted ...

in APPICS4 months ago

... it was basically a steem condensor when he tried to brag saying he had all of steemit running on voice... lol well its not there and he's like Hitler fommand ghost battalions talking about shit thats bktbreal... dan got too rich too fast with too little effort . When people get too much money too fast it ruins them and they don't learn the normal process that ancient people have known for thousands of years hah.

@dan larimer needs to give away money to black lives matter


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Wowww..Awesome For #VOICE I hope get an Account..cant help me @azcka

Hi @azcka! Looks like @dan is doing well, I agree he should give away some of the easy money to the people that really need it.I'm very interested in Voice since it was announced before the beta... Do you know anything on the progress for world wide adoption?

Something to learn for when you become a billionaire @ackza

You think it is like Steemit? I don’t see that...

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