Ten cent owners of wechat ewrmarkibg 70 BILLION for #blockchain but which type? If ...

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... you're not on the winning side it all seems like a scam. If they invest in tron we will be pissed . Steem is compromised. Hive us roo small but would be nice but could just be forked but have also proven their resilience in battle. The ethereum network is a good option after POS scaling makes it basically just like EOS. But China loves eos too and wants to centralize it this lowering its freaking value hahaha I guess its only good for pumping in price? Well see but telos is for usa and west. Telos will have subsidies for its developers and have boots on the ground in usa and California . Telos in China and an investment into yelos by this tenant Company would be a strategic way to get a foot into the USA.


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Good to have you @ackza

Cool news. I purchased Tencent (because of WeChat)

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