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Walking to take the bus to work and passing by this fruits stall that was closed. I think they decided that bananas are too cheap for them to keep and maybe also to cheap for people to steal. People are probably more interested in stealing grocery vouchers in the mailboxes anyway. Leave the bananas 🍌 stealing to the bats.
步走去搭公车上班,路过这个关了的水果摊。 我猜他们认为香蕉太便宜到收摊时也不收起来。对路过的人们来说也算便宜。人们要偷也是偷邮箱里的杂货券。 要偷香蕉🍌就让蝙蝠偷吧。


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Haha, that's cool! Never see this here in Canada, but the price of banana is pretty great at about 0.60 cents a lb. but goes up and down a lot!👍🍌🍌🍌

I 've seen many places just leaving the bananas out even when they close.
Thanks for coming by.

Maybe they are up high and hard to get at!👍👍👍🥰

That a lot of bananas

I've seen other places with more 😎