Ebon Hawk Off Hours

in LEGO3 years ago

In the time between Kotor I and II HK-47 eavesdrops on the crew of the Ebon Hawk that reveals the moment HK was referencing in Kotor II.


Did you create this stopmotion video?

It's very cool. I'd love to do some stopmotion stuff with my Lego. Maybe someday.


Thank you. It's my first YouTube. I only had Paint to do special effects with, then. By the second video I was transitioning out of Paint.

If you do stopmotion yourself, I recommend looking up GIMP tutorials on the subject.

I don't do stop motion, I'm not much of a digital person...Analogue mainly. Lol.

I would like to though, when I get time to look into it.

P.s. I just responded to your introduction post of a couple days ago. You might like to take a look. It's just a few tips.

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