Grouchy's corona virus cure

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"I don't know what all the fuss is about." Grouchy said, shaking his head in mild disgust as he chomped on a sandwich.

I looked up from the beetroot, cheese and mayo sandwich I was munggin' on [eating] with a raised eyebrow and said, "what's that cobber?"

"Well, it seems apparent to me that people simply need to build Lego if they want to cure corona virus. easy peasy Japaneasy" Grouchy looked directly at me with a straight face, daring me to disagree.

"An interesting concept," I stated dubiously around a mighty mouthful of sandwich, only just managing to prevent most of it from tumbling out of my gob, in a half-masticated mess, like lava from a mighty volcano. "What makes you so sure it will work mate?" I was pretty sure the little green bastard was completely off his rocker.

"Have you got corona virus?

I swallowed the gulp of Corona beer I'd just swigged, shook my head and said, nope."

"Do you play Lego a lot?

"Yep" I replied simply, seeing where he was going with it.

"Do I have corona virus?" Grouchy said pleased to see I had figured out the thrust of his logic.

"Nope, you don't have corona virus Grouchy", I mumbled through another mouthful of sandwich.

"Lego is the cure for corona virus then. It's pretty fucking obvious brah," Grouchy concluded with a dead-pan face.

I stopped to think for a moment, holding the last bit of my sandwich at the edge of my mouth...Thinking and chewing at the same time is difficult at times.

"You know cobber, you might be on to something here. Seems legit." With that I nodded slightly, poked the remainder of my sandwich in my gob and started to chew. Grouchy, who had gobbled his sandwich up in quick order, laid back in his bed of Lego with a self-satisfied look on his face.

"Crack me another brew will ya brah." He drawled.

This conversation ensued yesterday afternoon. I was home "working" because of social-distancing which suits me fine as I don't really like people much anyway. Not you though, you're aweseome and I like you a lot. [You know who you are.]

I decided that I'd better pick up some Lego just in case the virus thing forced a lengthy lock-down here in Australia, as it has in other countries; It's probably only a matter of time before that happens to be honest.

On the way home from the office, [I had to go there to enable my remote access this morning] I stopped in at Target at the mall and picked up a few boxes of random blocks, wheels, windows, building mats and all sorts of other bits and pieces. I don't know how many I have, but I'd say a few thousand at least.

I've only built sets, mainly big Technic sets, to date but have been talking about getting some random blocks for a while so I can do some freestylin' with Faith, my wife. When I came home to "work" Grouchy saw the boxes and got very interested, very quickly. He's loves his Lego, just like I do.

I emptied them all out into a big container and he dived right in going into some sort of Lego-trance as he rolled around in the pieces moaning slightly all the while...Like he was making sweet love to a beautiful woman. He's a straight-up freak, you know.

I put up with it for a while before I told him to stop fuck-assing around and make me some lunch...He knows that tone I used means business, so off he went.

Over that lunch is when he announced Lego as the worlds-saviour from COVID-19. I'm not sure if he drank too many Corona beers [I'd bought them to help me "work"] or what, but his argument seemed rather compelling. Don't you think?

I don't know y'all, he may be on to something here...I mean we can't argue with his logic right? Neither he, nor I have corona virus and we both play with Lego...Seems legit and not coincidental in the least bit.

Better go get yourself some Lego y'all...And laugh in the face of the corona virus.

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That Grouchy has the right of it , I say...

Funny that you say munging for eating. It has a different interpretation over 'ere... munging


lol, that is terrible :D

It does make me chuckle at the sheer ridiculousness of the mind that came up with that one!

Was it you?🤣

Lol, not that one! :OD

Boom drops his own links all over the place... in disguise.

Fucking hell dude. I mean, seriously...WTF! You lot are hard core.


 13 days ago (edited)

I saw a Scot once, had a couple scars on his forehead.. Looked intentional...Now I know they were badges of honour...Two lineal scars, self inflicted, for each time he successfully went munging.

You fuckers must have got your bravery from William Wallace.

The hero of the Scots! Well, after the movie he was ;O)

It's funny how a lot of well-travelled scots are the scarred ones. Giving us a bad name!

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You have quite an imagination pal, I like grouchy!

You have quite an imagination pal

You don't know the half of it, let me assure you! Lol.

Grouchy is a bit of a champ...Sometimes a pain in the ass, but pretty good value.

So if Grouchy's theory is accurate, does that make me a medical practitioner? Does that mean I get priority access to face masks and hand sanitizer?

Haha, yes Dr. Brickman. Although...I'm not sure even doctors can get those items!

I went to the supermarket yesterday to get some toilet paper. Went to the aisle and there was none, except for about 30 2-roll packets with a sign that said one per customer. I grabbed on, an iced coffee from the fridge and headed to the check out.

I asked the check out person if there was any hand sanitiser available and she said no. Fortunately someone butted in and said that there actually was. I ended up with one of those, a 500ml one. (Made in Aus too!)

See how Lego provides to the faithful? 2 rolls of TP and sanitiser...i celebrated with my iced coffee. All is well in the world.


We're OK for TP. We'd stocked up when it was on special before the panic buying started. Haven't been able to secure any hand sanitizer yet, but that's not critical - soap and water has done the job so far. Iced Coffee for now remains in plentiful supply

It's a bit loony huh? I'm working from home so I don't need sanitiser here although I still have meetings so take it with me in the car. Probably no need, but better to be safe. Apparently the supermarkets are keeping the sanitiser behind the service counter so best to ask there each time you go. Good luck.

The world has truly gone mad. How has this impacted your upcoming Tassie trip?

I cancelled Tassie on Monday - Refunds from accommodation and activities and rescheduled flights for October at which time I will re-book car, accommodation and activities. The world war 2 fighter flight is postponed and the owner (pilot) was happy to do so. I had thought he was retired, but he flies for the military still and interestingly he told me they were on high alert and it was undetermined whether he would have been able to fly me on the 28th anyway. Interesting huh?

Further to this, on Monday my mate on the Sunshine Coast passed a kilometres-long Army convoy heading North. I made some inquiries with mates who could say much, but what they didn't say spoke volumes.

Yes, a world gone mad.

I saw the Tas Govt. have essentially barred all incoming people except for essential-travellers (medical, law enforcement etc. and imposed a two week enforced quarantine...Our trip to Tassie on Sunday would have truly sucked with nothing open so cancellation was the only choice.

We'll be down in October though, spring time, and will do all of the things we'd planned.

Hope things are going ok for you.


Yep, the doors are closed as of midnight tomorrow night (I hope the virus knows it's got the rest of the week off) or at least anyone coming into the state (residents included) are subject to a 14 day isolation period (though so far that is proving impossible to enforce).

Personally we're OK. Wife and I both have the ability to work from home if (when) we are required to by either employer request or school closure forcing us to do so. Was talking to a former colleague last night who is expecting her second child in a few weeks and she has been told that their daughter, who is 2 or 3, won't be able to visit for the duration of her hospital stay - and she's never been away from her for any significant length of time before.

It's good that you were able to reschedule things and get refunds. Providers seem to be pretty understanding at the moment which is good. The hard part will come in a few weeks or months when we start seeing staff being let go from different jobs. Sadly, I think Australia wide this pandemic will send quite a few small operators to the wall.

So far people (businesses, banks etc.) are being quite accommodating...Moving forward? Hmm...Let's see.

Good that you have the ability to work from home WFH, as I am doing already. Head out to do appointments here and there, but trying to avoid it. Still, I have a job to do.

It's going to impact many people, like you say with your expectant friend and work lay-offs etc. People will suffer. More will go bankrupt than die, I think anyway.

Stay safe brother. Stay in contact.

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Lego means happy, and happiness can be the cure to anything! So in that case, Grouchy's pretty spot on. I wonder if he's been working with the WHO on a potential vaccine yet...

He called the WHO on WhatsApp...They didn't like his Lego cure, and told him to stop being dumb...They prefer a cure created in a lab, and one that some trillionaire can make more trillions off. Grouchy wasn't worried, he just shrugged his shoulders and went to build some Lego. He believes in his cure.

lol..Grouchy is pretty hard to argue with! I like that little guy.

He know's his stuff.