Better Life || Lonely Girl

in Steem Wellnesslast month


She is so lonely because her heart is been broken
Men has cheated on her and left her with a broken heart
Her life is falling apart right now
Her life was never complete
All hope is lost for her

She hold herself together
And be strong to face anything
She has a deep cut inside her heart
Caused by many heart breaks
She believes one day her heartache will end
With all the bad memories

She cries everyday
Remember all the past memories
She try hard to let go of the heartbreak
But her life is falling apart
She is lost in her own existence
For her no more happiness in her life

She needs someone to make her life worth living again
Someone that will truly love her and kiss away her pain
Someone that will make her believe in love again
And keep her safe

Here is the lonely girl
She is happy again
Her life is whole again
Is a miracle

She was strong to stand and fight
Now she is finally protected
And no longer alone



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Thank you so much for sharing this, friend! I really enjoyed reading it! :)