My daughter finally got her Live Aquarium with live plants, fishes, shrimps and snails! An amazing ecosystem!

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Greetings of the day everyone!

I hope you are all doing great in here! I am so happy to finally make my first post in this lovely community where I saw quite a lot of friends posting!

Let's talk about our aquarium...

Couple of months back, I bought an aquarium with some decorations and small fishes for my daughter, but after a week or so, all of them were dead!

I just don't know what went wrong and then decided to give it to a friend and make him organize it for us!

Live Aquarium with live plants/fishes/shrimps/snails...

When he explained me how this ecosystem works, I was simply amazed! And yesterday, we got our Live Aquarium and the most happy of all was my daughter Rheem!

Rheem happily bringing home her Live Aquarium sitting at the back of the car...

Amazing ecosystem...

The way a live aquarium works is that all living things inside are working like in a cycle...

The live plants enhance water quality and help prevent algae growth inside the aquarium and if ever there's some algae, they will be eaten by the snails...

Here you can see a small yellow shrimps...we also have some red ones!

Organic debris of fishes are eaten by the shrimps while plants also produces oxygen during daylight hours, which is used by fish and helps stabilize pH.

Fish, in turn, release CO₂, which plants use as a food source.


All I need to do is to take out one quarter of water each 15 days and replace with natural rain water...


The snails...

I don't really know any of the names of the fishes and snails, but I saw quite a lot of them doing different work in the aquarium...

Some snails were cleaning/eating on the leaves, but they did not eat the leaves at all!!!


While others were eating/cleaning the interior of the glass of the aquarium!!!


5 small different color fishes living too...

The fishes are most of the time on the top of the aquarium while the shrimps stay mostly on ground or on the plants...

Again, I have no idea of the name of this fish...




I did saw other small living organisms inside while I also saw that in one shrimp's belly, there were a lot of small eggs...
so soon we will be getting some more shrimps inside and the family will grow further!

I am so excited with this live aquarium together with my daughter and looking forward to learn more on it.

It would be great if anyone reading this post has some experience in live aquariums and share some tips with us...

Looking forward to read from you soon!

Thanks for reading and wish you all a wonderful day/evening ahead!
Best Regards!


I like aquariums too. But I have a bit of a sad story when my fish died from lack of oxygen when the lights went out. Hopefully, the fish are always healthy. I'm happy to see your daughter happy.

 2 years ago 

I've had this experience several times infact my friend...each time all my fish were dying and I did not know the reason...

But this time I feel like it gonna be fine as all are living healthily and it's a week already...

I hope for the best!

Thanks for your comments!
Best Regards!

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