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Good morning my beautiful steemians, I hope all you slept well and woke up this morning soundly, mind was peacefully. I am very interested in this contest that's why I am eager to participate. First of all my greatest thanks goes to the admin and moderators of this community for organizing contest like this to make us active, and also grateful to ahyar92 who took time to initiate this contest.

The Healthy Drink That I Like


Detox drink is my favorite healthy drink, this drink is the combination of lemon-garlic-ginger-tumeric.water.

The recipes

I like taking tumeric, lemon, ginger and garlic water every day and I am indulging in this self-care for many years now and this drink help to maintain my healthy life style and also strengthen my immunity.
This detox drink is very good and also rich in anti-toxidant anti-inflammatory properties which helps to cleanse the body and strengthen our immune system.

Why I Like This Drink
The health benefits of this detox drink (tumeric, lemon juice, ginger and garlic water)is what I like the most.

Tumeric - it is very good in preventing body from free foundamental damage. Tumeric have anti-bacterial and antiviral effect.
It anti-inflammatory properties is good for arthritis pains and also good for mild inflammation.

  • Apart from these, tumeric also good for liver health.
  • it helps in boosting my skin health and good in digestion.
  • it helps me in weight loss

Lemon- lemon juice is known as a store house of vitamins C and it is help to clear out toxin from the body also lemon juice is very rich in vitamin B6, potassium, antioxidants and many other minerals.

  • lemon juice help in digestion and other gut related problems,it contains anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

Ginger- ginger is a very good source of anti-toxidant and it is good for digestion, boosting of immunity, reducing menstrual pains.

  • it is also help to flush out toxin from my body and many more.

Garlic- for many years now I have used garlic to add incredible flavor and aroma in my food and also used it as my regular health booster.

  • garlic has a remedy for many ailments such as intestinal disorder, respiratory infections skin diseases.
  • it cures wound and symptoms of aging.
  • it may help to improve heart health condition and also help to to lower high blood pressure.

How I Used to Prepare This Drink


Step 1 - I will wash my ginger , garlic, tumeric, and lemon. Then I will use knife to cut my lemon and squeeze it to have the juice.

Step 2_ I will use grater to grate my ginger, garlic and tumeric.

Step 3- I boiled two glasses of water depending on the quantity of my detox.

Step 4- I put my grated tumeric, ginger, garlic, and lemon juice in a clean container and then added the boiled water and shake it to mixed together.

Step 5 - after some minutes I strain the detox drink in a glass and drink.


It is true that what we drink and eat has a direct relationship with our health and immunity and the best way to boost our immunity is to have the right kind of food or drink which is full of essential nutrients, keeping this in mind I always drink tumeric- lemon -ginger and garlic water every morning before eating my food to give me a healthy start for the day.


I invited these my friends to participate in the contest @gracyakan,@everrising, @chigrace.


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Hi @vickydear, Thank you for your participation.
Good work!

Thanks for your good commendation and encouragement

Thank you for inviting me @vickydear I will surely join in the contest and yes your healthy drink worth trying.

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Thank you for joining in this contest @vickydear your healthy drink recipes Worth trying! Thanks for sharing your quality contents with us. Continue posting your contents here

[email protected] for your encouragement, I Will continue to steem on

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You're welcome 🤗

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