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The method of the happiest man in the world.

Listen to the video while reading the post.

Hello friends, today I am going to teach you something very valuable, knowing how to meditate; do not spend thousands of dollars traveling to Bali, or to the Philippines, or to Thailand, or to different ancestral places to be able to meditate, when there is a more effective method and you can learn it for free from home.

One council, for this type of thing I usually study people who have already been successful, who have already achieved what I want to achieve and if I am trying to make my brain work better and in general be happier and happier, what better than studying the person the media calls the happiest man in the world.

As I train my brain to feel more often in a good emotional state, a positive emotional state, regardless of my external circumstances; The idea then is to train in the same way that you train a motor skill, by practicing, you train an emotional skill by practicing.


So my proposal or actually the one that I borrow from Matthieu Ricard who is known as the happiest man in the world, is extremely simple, so take the five minutes that I was telling you to meditate reliving a circumstance of your life that has given you enormous levels of joy and you are grateful, you can be the birth of a child, the first meeting with your loved one, the one you want, but be clear about the following, reliving it does not mean seeing it in your mind, it means trying to feel again what that you felt at that moment.


So take your time to immerse yourself in that situation, you will begin to notice physical changes there, changes in heart rate, respiratory rate changes in muscle tone as before, but you will also notice a change in mood. When reliving these positive situations of gratitude in your life, because your brain does not distinguish if this is happening here now or if it is a memory that happened ten years ago, it only cares about the sensations you are feeling, basically your brain does not know that this is a I remember and interpret it as if it were happening now, then as I do it more and repeat it daily, I develop these areas of the perception of gratitude, which are transposed throughout my life.

I leave you with the music of the video so that you can practice it right now instead of reading another publication and you can realize today what changes you can generate in your body and in your state of mind with a meditation.

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