HPL(Harry Potter Library) Voting Support - Revised, Oct16 2023

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We've increased the power of free voting support to support HPL members. There are plans for continuous power-ups in the future.

Voting conditions have been changed. Now, you need to post on the community to receive votes.


Previously, you could receive votes even if you tagged hpl or harrypotterlibrary when posting in other communities. However, now you need to post in the community to receive votes.

Posting in the community allows members to read each other's posts, understand each other, and engage with each other, helping one another. It also provides the advantage of being able to see community announcements and events while posting.

Voting Support Summary

  • Purpose of Voting Support
    Voting support is operated for the purpose of supporting HPL (Harry Potter Library) members.
    Join HPL, use the hpl or harrypotterlibrary tag, and post in the HPL Community to receive votes unconditionally.

  • Voting Accounts: @hplfoundation and sub-accounts.

  • Voting Frequency
    One vote per account per day, including members with multiple accounts without discrimination.
    Separate manual voting through the operation team accounts.

  • Voting Targets
    11 accounts
    (Refer to Launching HPL Voting Supporter)

  • Future Plans
    We will gradually power up to 10,000 SP.
    After launching the voting service, rapid power-ups are planned using member delegation and curation earnings.

    In the future, we will make distinctions in the size of free voting support starting from the launch of the voting service.
    Currently, voting power is still insufficient, and members of this small and modest community are giving 100% full votes when they post.

    Since personal support alone is slow and has limitations, launching a Voting Service to power up through delegation and voting curation rewards will increase power more rapidly, benefiting the entire community."

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