SEC-S18W1 : Eco-Friendly Clothing for Animals

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SEC-S18W1 : Eco-Friendly Clothing for Animals

Hello activists.

We are proud to start the first week for the Steemit Season 18 Engagement Challenge. Previously as a tribute to the Steemit Team, Thank you very much for choosing the Steem of Animals community as the host for the Season 18 Steemit Engagement Challenge. We are proud to serve the best participants who will Participate in contests in the next 6 weeks. The first week we will start with something challenging, creative, interesting and inspiring.


Talking about animals certainly cannot be separated from various other aspects. They play an important role in ecosystems, culture, economy, and the environment. Animals and the environment depend on each other in a variety of complex and dynamic ways. We want to present this problem through the topics that we will present to you in week 1 of the Steemit Engagement Challenge season 18.

"Eco-Friendly Clothing for Pets" is of course one of our ways of paying attention to the environment.

How to participate in the contest

Eco-Friendly Clothing for Pets may be daily clothing, winter clothing, accessories, or special costumes. However, you have to pay attention to our sub-theme about environmental friendliness. For example, by using natural and organic materials, recycling and upcycling (making it yourself from materials at home), as well as sustainable production.

We want many people to participate with two categories to choose from:

👉 Featuring self-designed or currently used eco-friendly pet clothing ( Own photo )

👉 Featuring imagined creative eco-friendly pet clothing. (It is permitted to use free online sourced photos. Such as Pixabay, Pexels for commercial needs by placing the correct source link)

Develop your creativity to answer some of these questions.

  1. What do you think about the clothes.
  2. How important is it for your pet's protection and comfort to wear these clothes?
  3. What material does the clothing come from? Review
    (Recommendation: If you want to share making tips, that would be more interesting)
Contest rules, prizes and period

🙀 Publish entries must be in the Steem of Animals Community with a minimum content of 350 words, make sure the writing is free from plagiarism, does not use artificial intelligence (AI) or other forms of fraud.
🙀 Participants must be at least in #club5050.
🙀 Use the main hashtag #soacommunity-s18w1, #ecopetfashion, hashtag the name of the country (for example #indonesia) and #steemexclusive.
🙀 Make sure to assign a 25% reward to the @nulll account as a condition for using the hashtag #burnsteem25.
🙀 Use entry title : SEC - S18W1 : Eco-Friendly Clothing for Animals
🙀 Paste your entry link in the comments column of this post and don't forget to Vote and Resteem
🙀 Invite at least 3 of your active friends to participate.

👑 The organizers provide a total prize: 9 STEEM POWER to be distributed to the "three best participants" selected by the Steem of Animals community team as judges and the decision is final.

⏳ Participation times are between Monday, 20 May 2024, 00.00 UTC to Sunday, 26 May 2024, 23.59 UTC.

Notes :

Each entry will be verified and will be assessed objectively and subjectively by the moderators on duty according to their respective schedules by giving a score of 0/10 which will be based on the quality of the post and how much it meets the contest criteria. So it's not binding to be the weekly winner.

The determination of the winner will be assessed fairly and professionally by the entire Steem of Animals community team and will be final by taking into account several aspects, quality of posts, active comments, contest participation and other aspects.

Introduction | Steem of Animals Community

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Open opportunities for all steemians to support community development. Whatever the value of your delegation is very valuable for community growth.


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Steem of Animals community team

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Amo los animales, pero en este momento mi esposo no me permite tener mascota.

Pero, a casa llegar a visitarme varios gatitos y perritos. Con ellos comparto agua y algo de alimento.

Será interesante la participación en esta bella comunidad.

Cómo puedo verificar me??

 last month 

Hello dear @lunasilver, Thank you for expressing your feelings.

The Steem of Animals community is open to everyone. To get our verification is not difficult. Just need to paste your achievement1 link at the end of the post. That sounds very simple doesn't it? It's only when you make your first post in the community that it will be safe for us.

Eso me parece maravilloso, una forma muy sencilla.

Gracias por despejar mi duda. Tu respuesta es muy importante y valiosa.

Bendiciones 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

 last month 

You're welcome

 last month 

A great week. I hope we can enjoy animal lovers entries here. Best wishes to all.

 last month 


A great week. Best wishes to all.

Thank you, friend!
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