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Assalamualaikum dear friends how are you all? I hope everyone is well by God's grace. I am also very well by the grace of Allah. Today I am here with a project. Where success comes from rearing cattle. I am talking about a small business that can be easily profited from. I will talk about raising cows and goats. A family that observes this brings prosperity very quickly. Because this animal husbandry is very useful for anyone.



Rearing of cows, goats and chickens is very easy and profitable. In one such family I reviewed. Where cows and goats are reared. In the house of the woman who weaves our yarn I noticed this enterprise of raising goats and cows. The most profitable animal rearing is goat rearing. I have seen most of the households in the rural areas of my country keep goats or cows. Cow rearing is somewhat expensive but goat rearing is very low cost.

There are some breeds of goats that give birth every six months. Each goat is capable of giving birth to one to four kids. I noticed that the mother goat had two kids.who have grown up. I mentioned their pictures below. Here are pictures of mom and kids.



These goats look striped. The body is covered in white and black. I saw two children here. The skin color of the kids is the same as the mother goat. Besides, most of them are almost the same color.

Then there is our native goat. The goat known abroad as Black Bengal. This goat named Black Bengal is known as our native goat. It is quite fast growing. How many black bengal goats I saw in this house.Roughly in this house I saw five to seven goats. All of these were indigenous goats.

In this house I noticed two cows One of them is a baby cow and a mother cow. Below you will notice a baby cow.



This cow is a deep baby. It takes about two years for a calf to grow up. But recently due to the arrival of some advanced fattening vitamins, the cows are growing very fast.This is not a very good aspect though. Anyway, the cows I saw in this house are completely natural. These cows are fed green grass and hay.

The mother cow below will be at least five to seven years old. This cow gives birth once every 14 months. Its child bearing capacity is one. Each child takes a maximum of two years to grow up. And after two years the child is worth about 1 target Bangladeshi taka. The steem value of which will be around 6116 steem.



All things considered, it is easy to understand that cow and goat rearing is very profitable. I consider this a good quality micro investment business. Because it can be very profitable with low investment and low cost.

Thank you very much for reading my post.May Allah bless you all and stay healthy always.Ending here wishing everyone long life.



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