5 Retro Nintendo Video Game Franchises That Need To Make A Comeback

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There were a lot of great retro games that we didn't make the jump onto new consoles. Sure you have a few that did like Mario which still makes solid titles today and Pokemon has been going strong for years. I haven't played the new one on the Switch but I would like to if I ever get the chance. But what about those great NES and SNES games that we forget about. You know the ones, games you spent hours and hours playing. And now they are only a memory as there are no new titles in the franchise. But they are not forgotten.

Here are 5 retro game franchises that need to make a comeback


How fun was this game? Sure it wasn't the most complex title but we don't need a full $70 new game release. I would be happy with an old school looking game that was a $20-$30 download with new boxers and patterns to learn as you take Little Mac from nobody to champion boxer. Come on Switch, your move.


With such whimsy and style this is a title that could easily make a comeback. If you haven't played Earthbound you are missing out. It was a SNES RPG that was, well, unique is the best way to describe it. You play a group of friends fighting off an alien invasion with a really weird cast of characters. Turn-based rpgs are missing now-a-days and I would like to see Nintendo bring them back. And why not start with one of the classics.

Chrono Trigger

Another turn based RPG that disappeared. This is one of the most loved Super Nintendo games and for some reason there isn't a new one for the Switch. The characters in Chrono Trigger only appeared in one game and they could be brought back for a direct sequel. The time travelling aspect of the game worked well and could be expanded in a new version where your decisions of the past really effect the future.

Diddy Kong Racing

Now I'm not complaining that Mario Kart is still around and kicking but why did Diddy only get one game? It was as fun as the mario kart series and had a full story mode where you could get keys like an adventure mode. Plus there were subs and airplanes. Maybe Mario Kart took all the need for a racing Nintendo game but another Diddy Kong game is due.


Who else got their butt kicked by this game? It is time to bring it back to frustrate a new generation of gamers. Bring back the side-scrolling action and sit down with a friend to watch your lives drop every few seconds. There could be a level design element too to keep it fresh.

Any Nintendo series you want to see make a comeback?

Let me know in the comments.

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