Tried The Obscure Super Famicom Game - Psycho Dream!

in Steem Gaming4 months ago

Hehe I actually enjoyed it so far! It's just kind of weird, I know of the Castlevania game style. I like that this one seems a bit odd and kinda trippy. You pick up different colored crystals for power ups and there are strange creatures. The back story is something like in the future some people can get lost in virtual reality where their mind is trapped so your character goes into their dreams to make them better through a few stages.

The game is kinda rudimentary and grating also wild and kinda psychedelic. I do like those touches for sure haha! I was glad I was able to get to the boss fight and win! I used all the special powerups I got on the way because I saw my health was low before I got to the boss. I was still able to get through!

I'm glad I'm able to at least try some of these games that you could only get in Japan. I'm trying to try some more fun and funny type ones. Ones that can help me feel lightened up

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