Desert Combat Gameplay 06-10

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Making use of the Vulcan anti aircraft machine gun I move through the desert and secure a outpost. I set up on a hill and use the machine gun to try to take out forces across a large open area. I was amazed I was able to hit craft from that far away. I tried my luck taking out a helicopter but missed. And then came across an artillery tank I tried firing a burst at it but seems it did not do anything. The tank returned fire and I was taken out with one shot.. haha

I respawned and took an artillery tank, moved it through the desert to find a good target to lay some shells down on. After climbing a hill, I secured an outpost. I saw another enemy helicopter flying around so I take a shot at it with my canon but miss. I changed to the machine gun though it was out of range before I could get a burst off in its direction.

In a truly ironic fashion, the helicopter comes crashing down on me from overhead. I do not notice until its too late. Also an RPG trooper is right next to me so I was pretty screwed.

When I respawned I jumped into a helicopter and got to the area of the map where enemies are usually leaving. Using my rockets I take out a bunch of the tanks and really just slaughter the enemy's armor. I pass over the main base of the enemy but get fired on pretty bad. A mobile AA tank took a big chunk of armor out of my Apache. And I could see rockets flying by, they really did not want me inside the enemy base. I took out their stationary guns and then got to firing on the spawning tanks.

I saw a transport helicopter trying to drop troops on one of the bases I captured so I shot some rockets at it and it did a flip and crashed. I tried flying through the parachutes but seems nothing is really scripted for that.

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Solominer Presents:Desert Combat 0.9 modded for 255 players
GenreFirst Person Shooter
PlatformWindows 10
Rig specs:Main gaming setup
ProcessorRyzen 7 1700 Eight Core overclocked to 3.7 Ghz
MemoryCorsair DDR4 32GB overclocked to 3066 XMP 16-17-17-35 1T
Video Cards2x Gigabyte G1 1080 no overclock
Power SupplyCorsair 1000W


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