Operation Market Garden, Man of war Assault squad 2 gameplay

in Steem Gaming2 years ago

Hello Steemians, i bought a new game called Man of War Assault squad 2, which is a world war 2 RTS game. In this post i want to share my game play of one the map of Operation Market garden, or in another words... a bridge to far....

This game is brilliant if you ask me, and give the player a good opportunity to play a WW2 strategy game. In fact you need to control the full army, and you get reinforcements every time you conquer a German base, or if you play German then its other way around.

What i love about this game is, that its possible to zoom in on the soldiers, and see them fight in zoom range, and you can also decide after selecting a soldier, how his next stand will be, must he lay down, or stand up or stand on his knee. Also, its possible to occupied building, and place soldiers at windows to get a better shooting point for defend or attack.

The graphics are also very nice, but you need a PC with minimal 8 gb of memory and a good video cart, or else its game over. Its also possible to do multiplayer but i did not do that yet, maybe after this video i will make a video about a online match, stay tuned regard that.

Anyway i hope you will enjoy my strategy game play and if you already have this game, then feel free to place a comment for a online match against me. :)


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