Guide and mechanics to down 6 bosses in Castle Nathria raid in the Shadowlands, the World of Warcraft

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Hello friends, welcome to another video what i created of one of my adventures in the Shadowlands. But i must say that i was testing around to create the best videos possible, because they explain it really simple, and then i try to do the same but the outcome is not the same lol.....

There for am testing around to find the best possible quality to create a good video, and there for in the past i probably messed up many times, so please forgive my ignorance because am still learning. Anyway i managed to create a video of what i recorded yesterday evening, of a raid what we did with the guild. This was a normal raid for the initiate raiders, members, alts and anyone from the guild who wants to join. The guild always do this for Saturday evening, while on Wednesday and Tuesday the raiders team are working on heroic.

For more information regard the guild status, can be found in the armory.
Server: Eonar
Guild: The DMZ

Ok the video, well it was a nice and clean raid with only two wipes, and that is good after killing 6 bosses. So in this video the raidleader explains everything you need to know and were to stand. He is dutch and can talk very good english and explains everything from A to Z, about the mechanics of all the fights.

So i cut down the scenes from every boss fight and paste them together and created one video. And yes this is my video, because you can see my name as the player who is recording the video. But am not a raid leader and there for i don't need to talk.

Beside that, this video gives also a good idea about raids and boss fights for anyone, who had never played the world of warcraft before. So enjoy the video and feel free to ask my questions regard the fight.

Feel free to join my World of Warcraft community to share everything regard the World of Warcraft Shadowlands......


cant wait till i can get into the raid man, still leveling tho, i was a bit late with starting shadowlands lol

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