[Article] Gaming - 6 Important Updates For The Gamers! (The week that was)

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[Article] Gaming - 6 Important Updates For The Gamers!

"The Week That Was"

It is reported that a remake version of Resident Evil 4 is under development


Alongside the release of the remake version of Resident Evil 3 earlier this month for the various platforms, Capcom seems to be already sitting on the plans for the future. According to the VideoGameChronicle website, the company has approved the development of the Resident Evil 4 remake; The game is entering the development phase, and its estimated release year is 2022. For many, RE4 is considered one of the most successful games of the series and of an all-time favorite. The director of the original RE4 successfully wished the remake developers, and despite his refusal to propose to lead the development himself, he will give the developers the work direction.

Call of Duty: Warzone reached 50 million players


Just over a month ago, Warzone, the Infinity Ward battle-royale version for COD: Modern Warfare, was released, and after 10 days gained some 30 million players. Today, about a month later, the official Twitter account of the game announced that it had reached 50 million players, which in other words means that Warzone did the same thing as Apex Legends in its first month. Warzone is a completely free Standalone mode and allows players to play alone or in one-player, three-player or four-player groups. Alongside Battle Royal, it features Maude Plunder, who requires a team of four players (as of today) to get as much money as possible and be the first to reach 1 million Dollars.

Cyberpunk 2077 will not be released for next-generation consoles when launched

While CD Projekt Red has approved a commission to develop Cyberpunk 2077 for next-generation consoles, these versions did not come with the launch of the consoles themselves, but only after launching the game for current-generation consoles - for PlayStation 4, Xbox One Stadia and PC. Microsoft said it would be possible to play the game using the Xbox Series X console, but it would be the Xbox One version with backward compatibility, and not a tailored and upgraded version for the Xbox Series X. Sony did not provide information on the matter.

Postponed the release of New World, Amazon's MMO game

According to a blog post on the New World official game website, its release date was postponed to August 25 (Aug 25, 20), after the original launch date was in May. Due to the Coronavirus, the game's development team had to move to work from home, which makes it difficult and slow to develop, especially because the job requires a lot of communication and teamwork, according to the main game director. Along with postponing the release date of the game, its beta was also rejected - for July, a month before its release. The company's goal is to market the highest quality and polished product possible, which requires additional time before its release.

Resident Evil 3 Remake sold two million copies in five days


Resident Evil 3 Remake was released earlier this month, and data is already starting to flow. As announced on Capcom's investment site, the company announced that the remake version of the third game had sold two million copies in five days since it came out. Compared to the sales of the remake version of the second game, which sold three million copies in its first week, it's definitely a decent amount. Another figure is that the original game sold a total of about 3.5 million copies to date, a remake that the remake probably passed or would soon pass.

Blizzard does not know whether the Blizzcon 2020 conference will be held as planned


The Blizzcon 2019 conference, held about six months ago in early November 2019, was more successful than its predecessor in 2018 along with the Diablo IV announcement, but the Coronavirus appears to be affecting another event - and is already raising concerns for organizers about its future. According to Blizzard, via a post on the company website, at this stage "it is still too early to know whether Blizzcon 2020 will be viable," as the company plans. While many events around the world are canceled, postponed or switched to online, there is no telling whether the situation will continue until November for the conference.

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