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Hello Champs! Today is going to be a blast for Poker Maniacs. Reason? TEAM UP is about to start! For those who are not familiarized with this topic or Poker overall, feel free to check this post out for more details.


logo by @lebekons

@brosgn is one of the most underrated communities around, and yeah, I've said this a lot of times because I do really want to see this ship going straight.

So let's talk a bit about TEAM UP.

  • There are many Teams inscribed, each team is formed by Three participants
  • In order to get TEAM POINTS, players have to participate on daily freerolls (see image above)
  • The higher you rank the more the points players can get
  • The Contest will last 8 weeks, so there's plenty of time to get in and participate
  • The Team that has more points after 8th shall win tons of crypto prizes


Introducing The BROBOTS The BRO machines are going to be making noice at TEAM UP, featuring the cold hearted poker master @lebekons, The always versatile @jonsnow1983, and the Venezuelan Machine @tcpaikano


logo by @lebekons

Make sure to bring your A Game becuase we shall not give any quarter!

For more info feel free to visit


Vote for @neoxian in HIVE Witnesses for more information join our Discord server in neoxian city

Let's give our support to @bdcommunity by voting them for witness following this instructions:


Let's give our support to @VotoVzla on Hive by delegating to one of the most active Spanish communities around


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