Tales from Dungeons and Dragons: The Persuasive, fatal Cleric

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My introduction to Dungeons and Dragons was via Baldur's Gate. Lots of people used this title as the gateway drug into the wonderful world of Dungeons and Dragons. A few months back, I joined a campaign with some friends, and in the COVID-19 era, we've been using Roll20 to play online instead of gathering at one of the player's homes.

I'm playing a Cleric who carries around a small bookshelf as a shield. On the bookshelf are the collected tomes and a small library of his research. He's also a kleptomaniac, a wise-ass, and fond of reading everything in sight.

He's also a shrewd business man, and good in the ways of cooking books, and as a result, is a mischievous character without being a rogue.

The scenario:

The party is tasked with travelling to an island to kill an evil warlock type. Along the way, they encounter a merchant who is due to deliver uniforms to the warlock's underlings, having just saved her from a possessed goat. She agrees to provide them with uniforms to act as a disguise. The Part takes the uniforms.

Enter Dungeon. There's some underlings. My character waltzes up to the first one who's standing on a bridge near a forge - I say 'G'DAY, I'm the back up!'

As a cleric, I use the skill Inflict Wound, and deal 3d10 damage to the poor bloke. He nearly dies, and a member of my party goes "Oh no, they've had a heart attack", and proceed to stab away the rest of the unfortunate enemy's life.

A member of the enemy party approaches and remarks about how there's a surprisingly large amount of blood for a heart attack. I roll to persuade, Nat 20.

Then, there's some necrotic skeletons, I use Turn Undead, and send two flying off into pits of Lava.

Silence from the DM. Shrieks of excitement and laughter from the party. I was a hero. Roll for initiative, and then Initiate the rest of the combat, and enjoy the rest of the D&D session.

What are some of your favourite tales from Dungeons and Dragons sessions you've been involved in?

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