Randonautica Takes Me To Mysterious Wetland Location!

in Steem Gaming2 months ago

This is the second location I went to in the lakeside tourist town!! I love how the game takes you to random places! Usually there is a path nearby or something to explore. I've been through this town quite a few times but never noticed this wetland. The exact coordinates were in the middle of it but there is a stream and wetland with tall grass so I didn't get too far into it. I took footage of the general area! Glad I found this place, can explore more in spring or fall I'm thinking.

Here is the footage of the wetland area!!

I like mysterious otherworldly stuff like that. At the same time it's actually real. My music is like that too. It has that crazy what is going on vibe. It's the same music as in the video Links below.



Love the lush green plants, looks like a really nice place to go for a walk. Interesting choice of music, very energetic. Thanks for sharing.

Glad you checked it out. Ya I am a big plant person! Got to take advantage of the weather and get out there especially with the covid situation. I put some of my own music to my videos from time to time

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