*this is not a gaming post and I don't know how to delete it. A New Song Last Night! It's From A Perspective That Covid-19 Scare Is A False Flag. SARS-CoV-2 False Flag By Massesect

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Yea WTF I didn't intend to post this in gaming!!!

Went to the special imagination place picturing a Covid-19 False Flag version of reality!! Thought what that may sound like or feel like. Questions like how many people die from normal coronaviruses. 30 per million infected die a day from Covid 19, maximum 100 die per day per million infected with normal corona at minimum 20. What about the 2009 pandemic? Social media as we know it was no where near able to spread stories as fast as we do now. Allot to take in right. How many people will die by suicide or other complications of poverty because people are losing their jobs, getting evicted and going homeless? So the song is playing with the idea that there is a major false flag component to it all. Where Disaster Capitalists are looking to cash in.

Here is the song. Put it on Soundcloud. Don't know how long I will have it there or if will migrate the track to another platform or not.

It was good and fun to write out something! Stayed up to 3 A.M. finishing it. I like how it turned out. Will probably release an instrumental version later on. I'm getting to feel like more of myself in the last day or so. I know the problem with this virus is that it is really contagious. In that way I do understand a concern. The art form helps you to express and bend reality in certain ways so you can take it all in. Even make it kinda corny to take down a seemingly heavy reality down a peg or 2, though it still may be very serious.

In ways I'm able to be more meditative lately, feeling some energy coming back! Made sure to go for a walk today and get some sun! There's moments in the last while where I feel super good too!! I will keep making the sounds, perhaps do more with the words too!!

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