My Played Video Games Review: Zany Golf for the Sega Genesis

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Zany Golf, also known as Will Harvey's Zany Golf, is a miniature golf game with fantasy elements developed by Sandcastle Productions and published by Electronic Arts in 1988. The game was originally developed for the Apple IIGS and subsequently ported to other popular home computer systems at the time. In 1990, a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive port was released.

After playing several Sega Genesis games full of action, shooting and platforming, it was a surprised playing this port of a PC game as a little distraction during the early 1990s.

The Story

Miniature Golf at its craziest.

It is unbelievbal! A whacky game that breaks all the laws - even of physics! Chase the moving holes and avoid those trap laser blasts. It is like 9 addictive arcade games in one damn game.

Get an ace or indigestion! Bounce off both bumpers or just flip out. Beware the maze-like garden path! Get zapped up or get blasted into oblivion.

Sega Genesis box, manual and cartridge of the game (image source)

The Graphics and Sound

The game graphics are mediocre. But some objects do look somehow nice. Your ball is nothing but a colored sphere. But that damn ball moves so smoothly like it is real.

The sounds are nothing truly special. The music on the other hand is jumpy and light-hearted. It surprisingly fits the mood of the game quite well.

Gameplay sample of Zany Golf on the Sega Genesis

The Gameplay

The gameplay is simple. Since Zany Golf was originally made for home PCs, the game has that point and click gameplay. And for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive, all you have to do is highlight the ball, hold down the "A" button, and "pull" the cursor back and let go of the damn ball.

Each hole has a unique attribute that appears at random. And they appear on any hole, save for the first, the last hole, and a certain difficult stage.

After you got the game beaten, you will probably not want to play it again. Well, it is a matter of desire or taste.

My Verdict

Zany Golf is plain, good fun. But the scrolling nature of it can be a bit repetitive and weird.

Go and play this arcade golf curiosity on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive or play it on your preferred emulators.

Let's keep on gaming in the free world!


I remember Electronic Gaming Monthly covering this one, and the other early Electronic Arts Sega Genesis releases. Unless I am mistaken, this is one of their earliest releases that are not compatible with the Sega Genesis 3. Something about how Majesco messed with the security lock out chips in the console (these early EA releases were reverse engineered marvels that worked outside the Sega norm).

Thanks for the input! ;D

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