Controller/Gamepad Usage Review: FANTECH GP11 SHOOTER Wired Vibration Controller Gamepad

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I bought this FANTECH GP11 SHOOTER controller from Fantech's Lazada online shop on June, 2021. I never used it for fighting games because XBox type controllers are, surprisingly, not suited for that. And I wanted it to last longer.

It was okay at first. It was not heavy nor too light. It felt good to handle more than the XBox 360 type controllers I was used to. The analog sticks were smooth to move and the trigger buttons were neither too soft or too hard to pull. It was kind of alright for a budget gaming controller.

But after 6 months of use, I was quite disappointed.


The controller's left analog stick had become wobbly over time and developed the dreaded drift stick issue. Drift stick (or controller drift) is a frustrating technical issue that seems to plagued almost all analog sticks for quite some time now. Whether you got a PC, PlayStation, Nintendo or Xbox controllers, all gamers have likely encountered this problem: your controller will move onscreen controls on its own even though the analog stick is not being touched.

Too bad the warranty is already void. It is only for 7 days after purchase! I looked up in Google about the manufacturer Fantech. It seems to be a Chinese gaming accessories company based in Guangzhou, China trying to pass themselves off as a known brand.


Made in China

I could try to fix it but I lack the spare parts (the analog stick attachment) to replace the wobbly stick. Guess I'll have to order another Xbox 360 type controller/gamepad online to replace it and skip on my Skyrim gaming for awhile. And if that one gets the drift stick issue too, then I will just get its unbroken analog stick and put it on and replace the Fantech controller's broken analog stick or vice versa. The parts are standardized anyway.

Lesson learned. The FANTECH GP11 SHOOTER controller sucks. Always try to buy, if you are a hardcore gamer, the known branded ones for reliability. The ones preferred by fighting game players, I think, are the best for sturdiness. It will save you from gaming agony, frustration and some money later.


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