Driving my truck around Europe / Live on Twitch

in Steem Gaming2 years ago

When there are orders in place to stay at home, get your fill of the outside by gaming :)


Complete with mask and hand gel (for the virus, not buttplay), let's see where the road takes us this time....


Its so interesting game, i really like it.

Still on the monkeys! :0)


But YouTube has now chosen for me :D

Hey, can you get drive-through take-out food? 😆

The driver seems not to need any food!

Ha ha ha!

Great you mention the fact it’s not for your ass wonderful information, that made the blog

Just to ensure no confusion, @tarazkp :P

I am not Taraz :)

I was thinking of buying Bus Simulator to alleviate the boredom but CEX wants £40 for driving a virtual bus and collecting virtual customers.

Is this really more interesting than Borderlands 3?

It passes the time but I wouldn't call it interesting :)

I know exactly what you mean!

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