Social studies lesson 1 - Introduction to Social Studies

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Greetings to you dear kids,

It is my pleasure to welcome all of you to our first lesson on social studies.
I am your new social studies' teacher by name @udyliciouz.

At the end of every lessons presented by me, will be followed by homework task in which all our dear kids are expected to participate.

For a start we want to start with the introduction of social studies.

What is social studies?

Social studies is defined as the study of man and his environment. Social studies is the study of man (human being) and his relationship with people around him. It includes all the natural resources in man's environment.

It can be described as the subject that studies the way man lives in his physical and social environment. social studies about how man influences the environment he lives in and how the environment also influences the man who lives on it.

At this point I will be explaining terms used in this context.

Man in social studies refers to human being, that is you and I. It refers to male and female, black or white anywhere in the world.

Man's environment refers to everything including human beings around man. The environment here are of two types, that is physical environment and social environment.


Physical environment refers to those things that are not human being. Examples are, animals cars buildings lands water etc.
all these things can be natural (made by God ) or artificial (man-made).

This means that physical environment are both natural and artificial.
Our natural physical environment consists of things by God e.g trees, animals, water, land etc.

Our natural artificial environment consists of things by man e.g buildings, cars, technologies etc.

Social studies assess man in his physical and social environment as well as assessing the effect of science, technology and religion on human.
The word 'man' here refers to human being that is you and I.

Having known the meaning of social studies, we will be looking at the aim and objectives of social studies.

Objectives of social studies

Here are some of the objectives of social studies

  • Social studies makes you are I responsible citizens.
  • It helps us to understand the importance of hard work.
  • Social studies can make you our dear kids good leaders and followers.
  • Social studies can help as to understand why being honest, working hard, being transparent and cooperating with others in the society important.
  • Social studies teaches us to understand our culture as well as other people's culture.
  • Social studies teaches people how to identify the resources in their physical environment and how to make good use of them.

Scope of Social Studies

Scope here means to what extent or range social study covers in man's environment as well as science and technology which man uses to make his environment enjoyable and conducive for him to live in.

This diagram shows the scope of social studies

Social studies have related to subjects like geography, economics, anthropology, political science and psychology.

Social studies is an integrated subject because of its many interwoven parts which gives insight into what man is and everything connected to man in his physical and social environment.

Social studies can also be defined as a study of man's life, his interaction with his social and physical environment and his knowledge of science and technology to solve his problems in his environments

Important of Social Studies

We cannot overemphasize the importance of social studies.

Here are some points to show the importance of social studies.

  • Social studies helps to understand our culture as well as other people's culture in the world.
  • Social studies help us to become good citizens that means it educates us on the right type of attitude, values and behaviours.
  • Social studies help us in developing a good sense of judgement and good sense of moral and social responsibilities.
  • Social Studies trains people to become good and effective leaders as well as followers since it is going to encourage us to obey the laws that governs our society and be respectful to constituted authorities.
  • Social studies help man to understand its environment and to identify the problems as well as providing solutions to the problem in his environment.
  • Social studies help us to develop the ability to relate well with people around us.
  • It helps us to be aware of what is happening around us as well as what is happening in other parts of the world.
  • Above all social study helps produce good citizens and leaders in a society.

That that is where we come to the end of our lesson today.


  1. In your own words define social studies.
  2. Based on your own understanding, explain man's environment
  3. State the nature of social studies.


All participants who perform well will be rewarded.

I now call on the following kids, read and participate in the homework task.

@tarazona14 @esha2006 @leyxi209 @ghani12 @deben @amjosh9 @dorismos @yeri52 @david-o @jlvillamizar @kishwarsumbal @favrite @debimarissa @ronindboss @fuegohelado @muna-chukwu @katherine012 @nayanay @lienla @jueco @jonnchima @viviandaniella @fortwis09 @ibtisamwaqas @ijeoma345 @ekemini5 @justicechigo @chimeroselam @favour11 @princeifeko @thecougar @samuelsteemit @madilyn02 @genebcm @ahbaz @darrenjord @juandrodrig14 @mvalentina @geoscary21 @fabianeg @rmp20 @anthony27 @nuella03 @renrimaiki @graciousgrace16 @jesuskids
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See you next week.


Written by @udyliciouz

 2 years ago 

Thanks for sharing this valuable lesson with our kids, social studies is an important subject

 2 years ago 

Wonderful.. I have really learnt a lot from ur tutorials...thanks for this

 2 years ago 

I hope you will take part in the homework. I am glad you have benefited from the tutorial

 2 years ago 

Nice write-up, all you said about social study is true, I can still remember some of those things. Thanks for sharing

 2 years ago 

Thank you

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 2 years ago 

Here is link to my homework : Link

 2 years ago 

This is great one my friend, how I wish I was a kids I would have loved to participate

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much my dear friend, I really appreciate you for reading the post. The homework is for the kids and reading and supporting s for everyone.

 2 years ago 

Excellent one dear. The explanation is down to earth and the kids will surely have much to learn from this tutorial. Thanks for your contribution to this wonderful community.

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much ma'am for going through the tutorial and appreciating it. I am grateful.

 2 years ago 

I wish i was verified here so i can make homework posts. I have completed my achievement 1 and posted the handle for verification in the community. Just waiting for verification then i will be among the active kids listtt

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Thank you so much@steemkidss I really appreciate.

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