Weekly Report Of Booming Support For The Week Ending 16/06/2024

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Dear @steemitblog and steemit team,

We hereby present our booming Weekly Report for the week ending June. This is the 25th week and this is in line with the direction that we received in the update here.

We were lucky to be among the Communities that will submit 6 publications daily. And so for this 25th report, it covers a complete 7 days and we have already submitted 42 publications in total. The Publications, as well as the mods that made the selections, are seen in the Google sheet below. A link to the Google sheet is also attached for more details.

Click here for full details of all selected articles.

Votes Per Users


Selections Per Admins/Mods


Votes Per Country


Votes Per Club


Congratulations to all who got the support in this week. We hope that we will continue to give everyone an equal opportunities.

Our mods are all involved in the selection to ensure a fair treatment. We select this on the days each mod is reviewing and we make sure that the publications selected are already reviewed to ensure that the Publications are of good quality and that they meet the conditions for the selection.

Our Current Team Members




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Best regards

@steemkids Community team


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