Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W2: Impact of Technology in kids lives

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Hello dear friends, we, in steemkids community warmly welcome you all to week #2 of this season #3 community engagement challenge. The first week was awesome and we received wonderful entries. We did our best to review these entries as quickly as possible which made most of these entries to receive massive upvotes from the chief curators. We are glad about these. It is yet another week and the race is on again. The winners for week #1 will soon be released.

For this week #2, we have chosen a different topic that concerns kids. What is it and what are we expected to do?

"Technology" has come to stay and it's just impossible for the kids not to be exposed to it. We have seen the great impacts it has had on our kids.

In this contest, we will like to find out it's impacts on kids. Feel free to share your personal findings about the impacts technology has had and it's having on our kids with us.

Contest tips

  • Write an overview of how technology has impacted the world as a whole.

  • Share with us some of the positivity and negativity of technology in kids' lives.

  • How would you rate the impact of technology in kids' life? Highly positive or negative? Explain.

  • Can you have control over the exposure of kids to certain technological products? How?"

Contest rules

  • Entry must be posted in the Steemkids community.

  • Your post must be steemexclusive

  • plagiarism will not be tolerated and you will be disqualified if caught

  • You can post in any languages

  • Your entry must be detailed and must be 300 words or above.

  • Use Post Title ""Steemit Engagement Challenge S3-W2: Impacts of Technology in kids lives by @yourusername.""

  • You must use the #steemkids-s3w2 #steemexclusive #yourcountry tag, among your first 5 tags)

  • Participants must not be involved in bid vote

  • You must be in either #club5050 #club75 or #club100

  • Put the link to your entry under this post

  • Invite 3 friends to participate.

  • Actively comment on other participants to foster engagement"

  • Contest entries will end on 31st July, 2022. At 23:59 UTC, Sunday

Our Review System

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Contest Prize

We will award 12 steem to 3 outstanding entries in the order presented below 👇👇👇👇.

1st prize --- 6 steem

2nd prize------ 4 steem

3rd prize------ 2 steem

It is an engagement challenge and as such, you have to be outstanding to win.

NOTE: It is possible for your entry to receive upvotes from the chief curators. But it is not guaranteed. Also, the community curators can also upvote your publications if it falls within their theme. So for this contest theme, you can use #fintech.

Note: To help is grow our steempower, we will appreciate it if you could please set beneficiary of any percentage to @steemkidss. It is optional though. But your support will mean a lot to us. Thanks in advance for your supports. This will in no way affect your grade or review.

We, from the steemkids community wish you all the best for this week #2.


Much needed and practical topic selected by steemkids this week as usual. Good luck everyone.

 2 years ago 

We hope to review your entry. We are glad that the topic is needed. Let's see how it goes

Un tema bien importante, sobre todo en época que se está viviendo.

 2 years ago 

That is true. Technology has come to stay and the kids are not left out at all

Interesting! We are ready fir this week's challenge. Success to every participant

 2 years ago 

We are really ready dear

 2 years ago 

Wow,I really love this contest and will drop my entry as soon as possible.

 2 years ago 

We are glad that you love the topic. We can't wait to review your entry

 2 years ago 

Yes dear,just tonight.

 2 years ago 

Un tema bastante educativo tanto para padres, abuelos tíos, docentes y muchas personas que tenemos responsabilidad con niñ@s.

Me encanta y ya tomé fotos para el concurso.🤦🤗❤️

 2 years ago 

We agree with you. We can't wait to review all entries from all concerned

 2 years ago 

Gracias por estar de acuerdo
Manos a la obra, ya comenzaré a redactar mi entrada.

 2 years ago 

We are ready for this week again. Waiting for interesting entries this week.

 2 years ago 

Sure, we are, we can't wait

 2 years ago 

this is interesting content to explain about the development of technology at this time to children,

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