Attended the big celebration of steemkids and parents 2 years anniversary

in Steem Kids & Parentslast year (edited)

Hello friends!!

Am so excited, can you guess why?

I just realized that nothing ever works without consistency, persistent and hard work.

You must have heard those 3 words before right? But for me I have not only heard those words, I have seen those words real in the lives of people even here on steemit.

And one of those person's that these words are evident in her life is @ngoenyi, founder of steemkids and parents.

How she has been pushing on this platform, and has successfully made the community a home away from home. And today the community is celebrating her 2 years anniversary.

The big occasion was announced here on steemit and on our united Africa group on Whatsapp. I marked my calendar and didn't want to miss the occasion.

Even though I don't live in the city where the occasion was held. Mrs ngoenyi carried everyone along by making an alternative provision for those who can not make it to her house which is the venue. She provided a link to Discord channel where we all could join

At exactly 2:50pm Nigerian time, I joined the anniversary celebration online through the discord. I was so excited to see beautiful faces of great steemians.

Screenshot_20230614-154316_1.jpg pictures of some steemian onlineScreenshot_20230614-152552_1.jpg more beautiful faces

There were some steemians that also joined online like me. I saw some faces I have not seen before. I saw @patjewell an amazing woman I cherish so much that has impacted my life in a short time. Even though her network had some issues, she stayed put till the occasion ended. At a point she used only her audio.

Another great steemian that connected online which was my first time If seeing him was @yousafharoonkhan an able professor back then when we had crypto academy lectures and homework. Oh those days were beautiful.

He kept smiling at us and showing off his kids and house to us. He was excited to see our faces, he encouraged us to continue.

Other steemians who connected online was @xkool24 @simonnwigwe @josepha @ninapenda @chiabertrand @vickyson @chibuzorwisdom

Screenshot_20230614-152420_1.jpgOur smiling facesScreenshot_20230614-152055_1.jpgwe were so excited

The occasion began as Mrs ngoenyi shared a story behind the creation of the community. She told us that it was on one of her assignments of crypto academy that made her create the community when professor @yousafharoonkhan asked that we show steps to creating a community.

Other steemians joined on ground for the occasion, prayers was done, down to cutting of cake, toast, music, refreshment and picture session.

Like I said before @ngoenyi would have just abandoned the community after she created it for the purpose of the assignment but no she took it up..And her hard work, consistency and persistence is paying off. I celebrate with her.

They had enough to eat and drink but we online just watched the occasion. But all the same we all celebrated together.

IMG-20230615-WA0011.jpgsteemians on ground for the occasion, picture taken from our Whatsapp group

Some of those present online were @mesola @okere-blessing @bossj23 @vudeme123 @manuelhooks @benson3 and the rest.

If there was anything I learnt it would be to kill procrastination. Imagine if the founder of steemkids and parents decided to keep procrastinating starting up the community after she created it?

She took a bold step and today that bold step is two years old and has impacted lives on this platform. So whatever you desire and want to achieve, stop waiting for everything to fall in place before you do. Take your first step.

Cc: @ngoenyi

 last year (edited)

Hello @ruthjoe, to be frank I was honored being in your guys virtual midst. You guys presence were a motivation as we celebrated the anniversary of our great communuity. @vudeme123, @uduak3287, @emacoz, @whizzbro4eva, @usoro01 and @mesola were very much present. Thanks for sharing and keep on being consistent on this platform.

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Thank was so nice to see your cute face hahaha!!
Thank you for your verification

 last year 

I like how the steemkids anniversary was celebrate the yesterday. Seeing other steemians from afar really shows that steemit is a place where love is shared

Yes I totally agree that steemit is a place were love is shared.. I enjoyed myself and was so happy to see you.

 last year 

Words can not describe how happy I was to see you and others at that occasion. It then dawned on me that I am still valued along with the community. It was a wonderful moment which we shared with friends both far and near. You have really given a detailed description of what took place yesterday. Thank you for your presence and contributions. I really appreciate

Aww! I was super excited for the celebration and to also see some new faces I have not seen before.

The moment shared were beautiful..I truly commend you for all your dedication and persistent to the community and it's growth.

 last year 

I was so blessed to be part of the anniversary. But you guys really miss alot

Hahaha well maybe not too much but I consoled myself by making sure I ate a good meal


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Thank you so much sir @kouba01

respected @ruthjoe i really enjoyed this meetup and i am very much happy that i have great steemit family, my kids also were very much happy, and i liked to share my views, my thoughts , family , home with you all. thank you so much . i give great congratulation to all on the steemkids anniversary, i apprecate you all and all steemkids team, i love you all, i love all steemit family. steemit is our home , thank you so much, i liked very much meetup steemit family on steemkids anniversary

Oh your words are so encouraging and beautiful..

We love you too sir..I saw the beautiful smiles on the faces of your kids and I know they love us too.

Thank you for honouring the invitation of celebrating with us all.

Indeed steemit is our home.

 last year 

I was super excited about the anniversary because i met some many steemian online that give me more hope about the steemit world entirely, keep on getting stronger, the celebration was beautiful even due we only view it from far.

Yes it was really beautiful..I was glad to see you for the first time too

 last year 

It was indeed such a nice happening!
Mumps and all... I showed up! (•ิ‿•ิ)
It was just as nice seeing you "alive" in the living world of Steemit.
If all goes well, we have a date next year!
PS: Never change! You are one hell of a lady!

Hahahah! Yes you showed up and I appreciate you so much for that.

Yes we have a date next year!!
Oh your complement made me laugh loud.

Great meetup, happy to be part of that.
Congratulation to Steem Kids and Parents,

Happy to see you too sir for the first time.


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