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Determination in life comes in many forms. We choose which we want and develop with that to attain success. Never giving up on what you believe in is one and one day you will see yourself at the apex because you never really gave up that easily.


Untiring consistency is always pushing till you get to the top. The patience of a person can’t be measured when that person is enjoying it. When that person goes through difficulty, does when you will know how patient he or she is. That’s untiring consistency. When life hits back at you keep sailing with patience hoping that one day you will smile too.


Steemit journey is the one that needs this. I joined steemit when conditions were much favorable. Votes were coming with little effort you made. A month after that, things became much scarier. Votes became scares and we had to choose the men from the buys. I was awake always grinding to make posts every day. Times came that I didn’t receive votes on my posts for over a month which I use to post every day. I knew things will get better so I kept working.


With time I became better at writing. I became more patient when waiting. When you can hold back. You learn a lot. That was how I learned most things and I am grateful. Also, it made me realize success isn’t taking easy to achieve. Before you get there, you will have to sacrifice a lot. But just make sure whatever you are giving out is worth it.


From the day I joined steemit, I have never rested when it comes to posts. Writing is something that is part of me and I always try to stay consistent. I even have posted more than people who joined months before me. all due to the determination I have.


Stay awake to be influential. Before your word can be heard, you have to touch a lot of souls. Write also for your words to travel the world to change lives. We all wrote for votes, but remember, there is someone out there that your words will soften their hearts and give them hope again. Stay alive and write to keep your audiences breathing.

Thanks for passing by! Inivte @mustaphaissah, @muktaraliu and @menseida to participate!

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Great bro. ☺️☺️ Nice piece

 3 months ago 

Thank you

 2 months ago 

It's true that it takes a lot of sacrifice to succeed, but when we make these sacrifices and remain consistent, we will be successful. At least that is what I have come to know and also what I've been taught.
It's good that you also maintain consistency, that is what is really needed to be a better steemian

 2 months ago 


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