Application For Season 4 Steemit Engagement Challenge For Steemkids Community

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Dear @steemitblog

I hereby apply for the season 4 Steemit Engagement Challenge in behalf of steemkids community following your update and invitation to apply as found here.

Having experienced what it takes to host steemit engagement challenge for the ongoing engagement challenge for season 3, I am confident that steemkids community is ready and equal to the task to take this challenge again. When a route is good, it is worth plying for several times. We will therefore want to go again.

Steemkids Community Purpose

A community with a clear purpose of improving the lives of kids through various educational projects and programs. A community that allows and verifies kids between the ages of 13 and 19. A community that allows only kids related contents to be published in the community and that makes learning to be very fun for the kids while they earn and build for their future.

Our Vision Statement

To create a safe future for our kids and unborn generations. We see a future where children are completely safe and have the best environments to pursue their dreams and aspirations through our community projects. We imagine a future where the steem blockchain powers real life-changing opportunities for children all over the world. That is our vision.

Our Mission Statement

Every child matters and deserve all the best things in life. we aim at supporting children around the world to reach their full potentials irrespective of their environment or their limitations. To encourage people to support children in every form no matter the social status, religious background,ethnicity and class.

Brief History

Steemkids community was conceived by me when I was carrying out a task in the steemit crypto academy by the then professor @yousafharoonkhan which involved the creation of a community as a practice section and after consultations with some friends, it finally was launched on the 14th of June, 2021 through this introduction post. We admitted as members kids between the ages mentioned above and kids lovers who create kids related contents.

List Of Founders/Moderators And Their Club Status

Below are the members of the skeemkids community team who are willing and ready to review contest entries come this season 4 if we are selected. We are proud of them and their volunteering spirit

MemberClub statusDiscord/Telegram Contacts
@ngoenyiclub75telegram, Ngoenyi2#0664
@karianaporasclub5050Ana Karina#1384/@karianaporras

We come from different languages and countries, we have both old and young, we are cable and able to review all publications no matter how many.

You may wonder why we are so numerous? Yes, it boils down to Engagement. We want all publications made in the community to be attended to and just few persons can not be able to cover up, this is the reason for the number you are seeing.

Schedule that will assist us cover all publications

Since we are ten active MODs, we have grouped ourselves in two. 5 for each day in alternating method. While everyone shares reviews on Sunday.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays


Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays




Everyone uses a uniform review details and we cover the basics that we are expected to review as can be shown below

Our Review System

Thank you, @username for joining the contest in our community today.

Status Club
Steem Exclusive
Plagiarism Free
BOT Free
Verified User In Steemit:
Markdown styles :
Content Quality:
Voting CSI
Verification date:


Periods of 1 or 2 or 3 months


Details Of Our Community Curation Account And Who Holds The Key

Our curation account username is @steemkidss and below is the screenshot of the steemworld page


I started this community by transferring my personal earnings of 1000 steem to the account, I powered up 500 steem and used the rest to run contests. On July ending, I transferred another 1000 steem to be able to take part in spud4steem which the community later won 3rd place and a delegation was given which we used for 3 weeks. That helped us to grow the account.

We also received upvotes from steemcurator01 and steemcurator02 on some of our publications that helped us grow the steempower.

Members sent their delegations too to help grow the Cumulative steempower and today.

We have been consistently powering up our earnings from time to time and that has helped us build our owned steempower to what it is today which is 34,061.93sp. The community support program that we won on September 2021 helped us to receive support that helped to boost our steempower because we were powering most of the earnings up.

Members regularly set beneficiary percentage to our community curation account and this has been helpful in growing our steempower.

We also were selected for season 3 engagement challenge wherein we received upvotes on the contests we hosted and the summaries for each week.

So in a nutshell, our account is being grown through regular powerups from the earnings we receive from the upvotes we get on our publications, delegation and beneficiary percentages by the members.

Who Holds The Key?

I am in custody of the keys. However, for the purpose of continuity in case of my absence, I have shared the keys with @benton3. And the posting key is with some MODs who help out in making some updates for the communities.

Details Of The Community's Current Policy For Checking And Commenting On Posts

  • Steemkids community has 9 active Moderators and myself. The reason for this is to make sure that every post is not left out without being checked and reviewed. And these MODs are actively taking turns to check publications.
  • Our MODs exclusive post which is where every mod drop all the post links they have commented on in other for the publication to receive support from our curation account after review has been helpful in ensuring that no publication expires without review. This has really proved to be very efficient in keeping track of all mods activities till date and this is week #31 now.
  • To crown it all, at the end of each day, I personally check the community to see which post has or has not been checked and I will make sure I review the remaining ones or encourage the mods on duty to please help out.

How Steemkids Community Is Helping It's Members To Make Quality Posts

Each individual user is different from the others and they all in most cases have unique problems in terms of improving the quality of their publications. It is at this background that steemkids community check the individual publications of every member in order to give advice, corrections and suggestions for improvements. Each mod serves the purpose of advising users if they notice they are not making quality posts.

Additionally, series of articles on how to improve the quality of Publications have been published in the community and included in our Notice board

Our daily picks post published daily by the community contains instructions on how to improve the quality of Publications.

In our chat groups in telegram, we equally advice the users from time to time on the need for improvements in the quality of their publications.

We make sure that only quality publications are submitted for booming support.

Why Steemkids Community Should Be Selected For May Engagement Challenge

  • We treat non with partiality. We are community for kids all over the world.
  • Steemkids community already have the custom of checking all publications made in the community before now and we are not going to stop soon

  • Kids are going to replace adults tomorrow and as such, they deserve all the best from us and being selected as one of the communities will encourage these kids the more.

  • Steemkids community is bobbling forth with publications on a daily basis that are of good quality and as such, these ones deserve to be encouraged.

  • Steemkids community has numerous engagement projects like the skids-coner, kids diary contest, food challenge, various tutorials and lessons and others that keep the members active.

  • We are consistently building our steempower despite being just for 14 months. We already have built+34k sp.

  • We have been actively educating and supporting the kids all around the globe to make steemit a wonderful place for them to blog.

  • We only support publications that are steemexclusive and we mute plagiarized contents. We do not even support less quality contents too.

  • We run contests regularly with the community account along with the ones organized by some MODs.

I believe that with these points, we are well suited to to be selected for June engagement challenge.


Best regards
telegram, [discord: Ngoenyi2#0664]

Discord; eliany#3544


Join our discord channel:::::::Join our telegram group::::::subscribe to our community


Support us by delegating STEEM POWER.

50SP 100SP 250SP 500 Sp1000SP2000SP 2500SP
 2 years ago 

Thank you for this great application. We are ready for next month challenge. I wish we get selected again. Best wishes to us and you too mam. You are such a great leader.

 2 years ago 

Thanks for all you do for steemkids community. I appreciate you a lot. Season 3 was great because you are other mods were very dedicated. We can do it again if selected again.

 2 years ago 

My pleasure mam. Hope we will selected again for season 4 of engagement challenge. We will give our best for next month.

 2 years ago 

It will be a great pleasure to host this challenge again. Contest ideas are lined up already.

Best of luck my respected sister...may Allah bless you always success.ameen..well written application...

 2 years ago 

Thanks dear respected. This community will always mention you whenever wherever. I appreciate you for giving birth to he idea of this community. Thanks

 2 years ago 

A very beautiful application. It was great working in this community during the last engagement challenge. I wish this community be selected again because it will be an honor working here again during season4 of the engagement challenge

So I'm wishing this community best of luck in this application

 2 years ago 

It was great having you as one of us. Your energy is enormous and just what is needed to face the challenge. I can't wait to work with you again if we are selected. Thanks for being there for us

 2 years ago 

Welcome mom... That's my hope too.. to work again at another full energy

 2 years ago 

May all our hopes be fulfilled dear

 2 years ago 

Thanks for applying for us, I wish us nothing but the best

 2 years ago 

Thanks dear for being with us. Your best wishes is all we need to succeed. Let's hope for the best

 2 years ago 

Best of luck in this application. Last application and Engagement was wow especially the last engagement for the week. I wish us nothing but the best

 2 years ago 

Thanks for your support. I also pray for the best dear.

The @steemkids community has really grown to become a safe heaven for most steemians. I wish the community success in their application.

 2 years ago 

Thanks a lot. We hope to win again and to do our best if selected. Thanks for your kind words

 2 years ago 

Good to see the progress of the previous, we trust you for more. Ride on ma'am.

 2 years ago 

Thanks a lot dear. We will always hope for the best.

 2 years ago 

Steemians LOVED the engagement challenges which were presented by Steemkids during the current season.
I must applaud the MOD's for the manner in which they have dealt with the posts. For sure the fastest replies on posts I have seen.
In my eyes you deserve a 2nd chance!
Good luck!

 2 years ago 

I appreciate all your supports dear friend. Thanks a lot. Let's see if another opportunity will be granted to us again. We will keep doing our best with your support

Mis mejores deseos de éxitos en esta nueva actividad del challenge. Es una buena ocación para que la comunidad refuerce su crecimeitno y seguro de que las actividades estarán centradas en lograr la mayor de las participaciones


Banner Exitos.jpg

 2 years ago 

Thanks a lot my dear friend. We will keep doing our best. I wish you the same

 2 years ago 

A very beautiful application by your side. Your team members are very experienced and hard working. I wish to see you in the Engagement Challenge Season 04

Great luck

 2 years ago 

Thanks a lot dear. I wish you the same

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