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Good day steemians!


Kids nowadays really love to scroll their gadgets. They keep on holding it from morning til bedtime. Parents, its a big no no. There is a big effect on our kid's health. So, we had to find ways that our kids will forget holding the gadget.


Me as a parent, I let my daughter enjoy her tablet but I limit screentime. Aside from their health will be affected, there eyes will be affected as well. So I always monitor her screentime. I will not allow her to watch or play with her tablet the whole day. If its times up, I will tell her time is up. And I am glad that she listen.


After screen time I let her play with her cousins. I just allow a mess in the house as long as they are enjoying and to avoid long time watching the gadget.

Kids are indeed playful, and we parents needs to guide and monitor them. If we wanted to be healthy and have a normal life, we had to practice proper guidance to our little ones.

Nowadays, there were lots of kids already who were suffering from the bad effects of using gadgets. Some had seizure, others had eye deffects and a lot more.

So, we had to be vigilant of what our kids are doing to avoid any untoward circumstances.

That is all for now. Thank you for reading and have a great day everyone!


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