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Friends I am here again to share my power-up of 303 STEEM with you for this week's challenge. Power is the process of transferring liquid STEEM to vest to have more influence, earning higher curation rewards, and making the STEEM have value in the crypto market.

The more we hold STEEM is how STEEM will have value in terms of price in the crypto market which we can achieve through the process of powering up our account. One good thing about Power Up is that you are building your account and gaining more reputation on the Steemit platform which everyone wants to be flexing with whales. Here I will be showing you how I power up 303 STEEM.

The amount of STEEM that I power up is 303 STEEM. Since power-up is very important to me, I was happy to power up the 303 Steem that was available in my wallet. If I continue doing Power Up, like this my account will grow faster than someone who is not doing Power Up his or her account.

The Steps in Doing Power Up.

Here I will be showing you how to power up your account using my account as an example.

Step 1: Log in to your Steemit wallet by clicking on the wallet from your profile, which will then take you to the wallet interface.


Step 2: On the wallet page, click on the right-hand side and sign in successfully then click on your STEEM balance and select "Power Up".


Step 3: Enter the amount of Steem you want to power up which in my case Is 303 STEEM and click on Power Up, as shown in the screenshot. After step 3, click on OK.


The Benefits of Doing Power-Up

Power up is very important to do on the Steemit platform because it is the Steem power that you have that will determine the number of upvotes you can give to any user and the rewards you will earn.

  • Power gives me the chance to support more quality posts.

  • Power up increases my steem power, which makes gives me more influence over post-payout.

  • Power-up brings trust to me as a user.

  • By doing Power you are directly contributing to the growth of the Platform and making the price of STEEM to be high.

  • Power-up gives you the upper hand to support quality posts.

By doing power up, you are investing in your future and that of your 🚸 children as cryptocurrency like steem coin would soon become the world 🌍 most accepted digital asset. Build your steem power by doing power up and stand the chances of growing faster.

NOTE: This post is written just the way my previous Power-Up was written but with different screenshots and images.

I am inviting:


Power up is very important and You have done 303 steem which is good number and I understand how much did you put effort to earn this. Congratulations for this.


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