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Hello everyone onboard steemit platform, i greet you all. I'm here to write about the steem power up which i made recently. But then I'll like to write briefly on how i came in contact with steemit platform and why i endorse club100.

how i knew about steemit

I got to know about steemit 4months ago from a friend @okoriepresh27. He was talking about a platform that has helped the lives of many and he wanted me to part of it. He explained what Steem, Steem dollar and Steem power are all about. He further explained that users interact in form of upvotes and shares which directly relate to the steem tokens a user makes. I gave it a try and here i am with no regrets.

Why i support club100

I realize that for an economy to grow, more needs to be invested than spent. Based on that i resolve to invest in steem power and to reinvest my earnings in other to help raise steem value.

The screenshot below proves that


The first image shows when i bought steem


The second image shows when i powered up


I here by encourage all steemit users to espouse club100 so as to grow the platform and raise the value of steem.

Thank y'all for reading through.


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Hello @jespy, Your post has been selected as one of the quality posts for the day by steemkids community. Congratulations! Please keep making quality and original contents with us here. We love you so much and will like to read more of your posts.

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Good one bro, keep making progress

Thank you

This is a great way to thrive in Steemit Platform. You did well investing and reinvesting your earnings to Steem Power. Thank you for setting some percentage payout to Steemkidss. As you grow you'll delegate to Steemkidss.

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