Accepting to become the New kid celebrity 💐🌀 by @imohmitch||1-08-2022

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Greetings to all steemians, greetings to @steemkidss and all the kids entirely, I am happy that I was selected as the winner of season 8 skids corner and am glad to make this post today, and am glad to say that I ACCEPT TO BECOME THE NEW KID CELEBRITY
20220801_113548_0000.pngI made this photo with canvas for steemkids
It was really a fun to engage in the scheme as I made friends from it @ghani12 @dorismos and others, we really interacted well throughout the month we make nice comments and we even knew more about each, knowing ones favourite food, favourite weather and so on, there were funny moments created too, when I mean it was fun, it was, a very interactive session.
My appreciation goes to @ngoenyi the founder of @steemkids and the moderators and everyone that makes up the steemkids family, I want to say thank you for this moment, and my mentor @bossj23, who told me about the steemkids platform and he helped me through in the community when I was confused in some aspects, thanks all.
This win for me is really a huge one, as I have learnt a lot and u have made certain interactions and have also learnt a lot, how I managed to win was just hardwork and so on, the rules are just to comment, reply, interact and have fun, and that's just what I did I had fun,it was not a burden to be making comments and replies it was fun

I have set 30% beneficiary to @skids-charity


 2 months ago 

Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 dear on your win.

Thank you ma♥️

 2 months ago 

Hello friend, congratulations for being the kid celebrity ✨

Thanks friend, i appreciate ♥️☺️

 2 months ago 

Congratulations in your new achievement of becoming kid's celebrity.

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Thank you for the review ♥️🌹

 2 months ago 

Muchas felicidades amiguito 🎉🎉 esto si que es genial 🥳 saludos desde Venezuela 🇻🇪

Thank you big friend♥️
I appreciate ♥️
Much love from here "Nigeria"

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