Social Studies lesson: Influence of the physical environment on human activities

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Hello dear steemians and kids I'm this beautiful community, i am back once again with my quality and educative posts. The lessons here as i said last time have been reviewed by me in my school before so it feels great to share the knowledge of what i know to those i don't know.

State some ways in which human activities influence the physical environment.

  • Overpopulation: overpopulation have grown into an epidemic since mortality rates have increased, medicines has increased and different methods of industrial farming were introduced. This keeps humans alive for much longer increasing human populations.

  • Pollution: pollution is practically everywhere, from the trash that is thrown out in the freeway to the millions of pollution pumped into the atmosphere for many years, as a result both pollution and weight is inescapable.

  • Over-fishing : pollution is the fist threat to all aquatic life and is the main cause of decreased biodiversity. This is sad because water an slide forms, are among the most important natural resources in our locality, but over-fishing is damaging to areas.
    Fishing is not bad but when it is not regulated, it is detrimental to the ocean and the people,

  • Deforestation:
    With an exponent exponential on humans, more food, materials and shelter are being required and manufacturing at excessive rates Mostly from forestry.
    Forests are cleared to make a way for new humans, who in turn makes more humans, because trees is one of the largest producers of oxygen it is not a good things for humans and even for animals who call the forest home.

  • Climate change : it is closely connected to the history of industry and technology, as the global temperature increase, Earth's weather patterns will drastically change..
    While some areas will experience growing seasons others will become barren wastelands, as water will deplete in vast areas, turning once fioral regions into desserts.

State some ways by which physical environment influences our activities.

  • The environment can facilitate or discourage interaction among people.
    For instance an inviting space with comfortable space and privacy can encourage a family to stay and visit with a patient
  • The environment can also influence people's behavior and motivation to act

  • The environment also influences mood

Describes a settlement

This is a population center of humans, who have developed a long-term community in a particular area.
It can be as complex as population areas like metropolises or can be as simple as a small fishing area or remote village.
If a country establishes a colony somewhere or can be called a settlement.

List and explain two types of settlement

  • Urban settlement: They are usually large because they are densely populated with people. They are the most developed of different types with different infrastructural facility present.
    They are mostly non-agricultural areas.
  • Rural settlement
    These are smaller populated areas outside of the urban areas having a large amount of agriculture involved in the settlement. They are typically concentrated around natural environment such as rivers, Forest, or fertile farmland.

Thanks for reading, that's my knowledge on it


 2 months ago 

Thanks you so much dear @fortwis09, for the excellent way you answered your homework task. You have done justice to the task and your homework post is highly recommended

 2 months ago 

Hello dear @fortwis09 thank you so much for taking part in a contest in our community today, indeed most humans activities are a threat to physical environment, especially the ones you've just highlighted. however, our environment also affected us physically, mentally and otherwise. We appreciate your effort in the community dear and we want to read more of you, just keep it up I wish you success!!!

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