Steemkids contest word series wk5 what does compassion means to you? By @eddyvic

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steamians it a privilege to be here with you once more to share with you in this contest,my understanding of the compassion.

what do you understand by the word compassion?

Answer-: according to Cambridge English dictionary, "compassion is a strong feeling of sympathy and sadness for the suffering or bad luck of others anda wish to help them."compassion motive people to go out of their way to help the physical, mental,or emotional pains of is often regarded as having sensitivity Wich is an emotional aspect of suffering of others that you undertake to offer lasting or temporary solution to thier pains.

who can show it?

Evey one is expected to show compassion.beause it is the quality we inherit from God.

have you shown someone compassion, how did you do it,and how did the person feels?

Yes I have.this happened when I went to my uncle house I found out that my uncle have travel for 4days and the wife left to work and it was toword the end of the month which every one knows during this period the little income will be exhausted,so there was no food at home I meet my niece and so it all over her face that she was very very hungry, that the was nothing to eat last night and the little food left was for the children to eat and go to school.i felt it myself and I was compelled my this quality to look through my account and see how much is left so that I may help them.i did Walk with her to the market to buy food stuff that will sustain them till when salary will be received.all in the family where so happy and I felt satisfied.

Has someone shows compassion to you and how did you feel?

Yes someone showed me compassion.this happen in abeokuta in ogun state when we boarded a car from abeokuta to Lagos using opay.since we make online payment when you reach your we took off from abeokuta reaching Lagos there was no service to make payment and about three of us that where affected we stock at the park for a long time .we decided to go to available ATM it was then we realized it was my bank fcmb that was the problem.and the other two where banking with fcmb we could not withdraw since it was a Saturday, the disappoinment was so bad so we where planing on how to pay the driver, since people where gathering so one man stop by to ask what is happening,we explained to him the situation on ground.the man asked the driver how much in total the driver answered #4800. The man pays the money and asked us to go.we where very happy and we thank the man for his compassion towards us.

expressed compassion in a practical way.

Well I will like to show you in the picture below my niece that I was talking about how I meet her so saddened,after we return from the makert I noticed she was week and I think of something I can cook that will be quick yet that she can quickly eat and regain her strength. I immediately concluded to do fried plantain with eggs source for her.pls do see the looks in her face below




The facials expressions tells it all

Do you think compassion is a virtue that should be cultivated by all and be demonstrated in a practical way?

Absolutely yes.

how do you learn to show compassion and where?

It is the quality I inherited from my parents which was ambeded in the my God.

how will the world look like if everyone cultivate this quality.

It will be a trouble free word. A world you lack let all try to show compassion here in steemkids community even in a smaller way .

To these end I have set 20% payout of this post to steemkids as beneficiary. I am inviting @emmybless,@raimcy,and @iddy to join this contest.

 4 months ago 

This is a beautiful post, you did well showing that family compassion.

 4 months ago 

Thanks so much for sharing what. Compassionate, mean to you. But next time check on your hag tag , lt is necessary in steemit, one is not enough.

Thanks @dequeen,but it has not accept more than 24 character words.its isn't my fault.i didn't have any choice.

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