I love to take photos: Water for life

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The theme of this contest this week expects us to take photos of water, "The water for life."


My Gosh, I take tonnes of photos of nature and water is one of the most important parts of our lives, probably as much as the widely spread landscape on this earth and the sky above or even more.

Thank you for giving us a variety of choices to write about. But please register my complaint, I am highly disappointed when you said, "You can only share up to 1-3 photos." But as we have to go by the rules, I will post three photos and their descriptions.

I will begin with my daily consumption of water, which varies from season to season. I drink about 3 liters of water during the summer, but my consumption goes down during the winter or while sitting in air-conditioned rooms. However, I try to drink a few sips every once in a while to keep myself hydrated.


The bottle and glass I keep on the side of my work table, but I kept them here to show them to you.

So I keep a bottle of purified water in a bottle and glass close to me and drink it regularly. It helps me in two ways. One, it reduces my appetite, which helps keep me slim and trim.

Next comes my love for travel to different destinations. The one you see here is a lake/waterfalls in South India called Hogenakkal, where we often go for a weekend not far off from my branch office in that part of India. I go there every three months or so.


The scene you're watching here is from a basket boat. It was fun and a matter of anxiety as I always felt that the boat might overturn and I would be wiped off in the fast-flowing streams of water.

But I sometimes go out of India, so the one I am showing you here is a trip to the Pacific Ocean in NSW, Australia. Trust me, I am so disappointed that you have limited us to 1-3 photos. Otherwise, I would have given you at least 200 photos and videos of this famous bay and beach, a lovely tourist spot and cruise center called Jervis Bay.


The scene you're watching here is from the cruise boat that took us whale watching.

Thanks to @edidiongeffiong for bringing and motivating me to participate in this contest.

I invite my friends @sumon247, @amoakabraham and @jurich60 to please check and participate.

I love you all.

All images are from my phone or camera.

And yes, we must support the community so I set 10% @steemkidss as beneficiary


Wow! Your travel was interesting.and amazing cruise.

 2 years ago 

Thanks a lot for responding to my call 👍🎉

 2 years ago 

Hi @dove11 thank you for taking part in this contest your entry is appreciated.

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 2 years ago 

Thanks @eliany for validation and assessment. I appreciate it 👍

Hello friend, i thank you for this beautiful entry you have made. I like seeing all the photos here. Forgive the rule and the limits of the contest haha. It is to avoid abuse and too much photos in one post. You can save the rest if your water photos for another contest. Thanks

 2 years ago 

Thanks for your visit and lovely comment @madilyn02, 👍🎉Oh yes, I am saving them for your next contest which I guess is round the corner. Thanks again.

Thanks for mentioning me friend! I am trying to participate in this contest 🙂 Your entry post is awesome.

 2 years ago 

Most welcome, I will be waiting for your entry.

You're always welcome my friend, thanks for sharing with us beautiful pictures of water.
There are so Nice.. i wish you best of luck👍

 2 years ago 

Thanks bro, but I am surprised that no one is available to moderate my post, so I see no chance 😄

uncleanga es muy hermosa, una cascada que sale de un boquete de una montaña rocosa, al parecer quiero ir a su pais, pasar mi tiempo libre, saludos de mi parte

 2 years ago 

Thanks, I love your feedback. 👍

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