Draw a Butterfly 🦋

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Hi 👋 friends
It's a splendid moment to spend with you guys once again. I was really attracted to create the content on 'draw a 🦋 butterfly.'
You might wonder why it is so. This is because butterflies are my favourite creatures. They have very attractive bright colours and at times, I lose concentration staring at them dangling in the air.



How I Drew a Butterfly

What you are about to see is this pretty looking creature in drawinglets row in 5 stages or steps.


starting the drawing on a new page
On a fresh white A5 paper, I sketched out the structure of the butterfly with its head.

forming the full structure
The next step, I completed the body of the butterfly with its wings.


beautifying the wings

A butterfly is nothing without it's pretty wings. I started with the upper pair of wings before the lower pair to design it.


complete drawing of Butterflies

I completed the drawing of the drawing of Butterfly and gave it a mate to fly with. It's really fun to see them fly together.



colouring the drawing

The last thing is to give the butterfly a colour. See how good it looks.


Materials I used for the drawing

  • pen
  • A5 paper
  • Green pigment
  • Drawing board

Those are just the few I used for the drawing.
B&W pictures really bring drawings to life. Take a look at this picture below 👇


Did you know?: Adult butterflies travel with the speed of a tricycle during migration. They have strong and beautiful wings which allows it to fly over long distances as such.

...lets soar greater heights



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 last year 

Wow, the butterfly is really great, with it's partner that it is flying with, i wish I could draw like that.

 last year 

Really! Thanks

 last year 

You reply to a 23 days ago comment, it is really commendable.

 last year 

Thanks for participating in this drawing challenge in the community, you've made a really cute drawing of the butterfly. Keep it up!

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 last year 

This is a very nice post you have constructed.
Post as such as this requires time and energy.

Thank you very much for giving it your time and energy, I enjoyed going through it.

Kindly drop a comment and upvote on my application just as I have on your post.

Your comments are highly appreciated.
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 last year 

Que hermosa mariposa amiguito si que te dedicaste suerte en el desafío

 last year 

Estoy muy encantada de tenerte querida. gracias por apreciar mi dibujo de esta mariposa💋💋❤️❤️

Hi @chimeroselam

Sorry I'm late to this nice post, I'm from the group of people who love nature, and butterflies are one of my daughter's favorite creatures. Thank you for this nice touch.

I owe you a positive vote.

It's me again @chimeroselam

I was wondering: did you give up on Steemit? :(

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